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2021 black-mesa size:small survival unreleased


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2021 black-mesa conversion series size-large walkthrough


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2021 difficulty:easy


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2021 conversion pvp size:small


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2000 black-mesa conversion survival walkthrough


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cry_of_fear desastre desastre2020 desastre_mod left4dead mundo


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2021 pvp work-in-progress


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2001 conversion series survival total-conversion walkthrough


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2021 featured horde losable playable-solo size:small survival

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horde maze work-in-progress


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2000 black-mesa conversion escape size:medium survival walkthrough

Capture d’écran (65).png

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2021 egypt pvp size:medium work-in-progress


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barbarossa war work-in-progress world-war-2 ww2


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2000 walkthrough

Capture d’écran (85).png

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2021 deathrun pvp size:small traps work-in-progress


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2021 walkthrough


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2002 black-mesa conversion series size:large survival walkthrough


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2021 size:medium walkthrough work-in-progress


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1999 conversion series walkthrough


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classic fun tdm teamdeathmatch

Sven Co-op listen server - Sven Co-op 12_03_2021 16_31_16.png

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2021 abandoned broken fucked-up


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2020 conversion series walkthrough work-in-progress


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2021 featured fun puzzle secrets size:large traps


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2007 co-oprequired puzzle walkthrough


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2021 snow walkthrough

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2021 featured horde losable playable-solo size:small survival


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2020 featured


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2020 featured walkthrough


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2020 black-mesa conversion featured series size:large survival walkthrough


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2021 defense featured losable


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2021 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured puzzle series size:large walkthrough

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2019 armymen difficulty:hard raptorska rats size:large total-conversion walkthrough war


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2018 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium series size:large survival walkthrough


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2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough



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2017 boms secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2005 2007 conversion scary series size:large survival walkthrough


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2001 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion secrets series size:large survival walkthrough

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Freaky Mutant ManFreaky Mutant Man 27 Jul 2021 08:33
in discussion / Map Comments » Mario Keys

I was playing this map with 3 players, and some thoughts I have after making it up to the Bowser cube fight before having to stop:

1. While I appreciate that the maps have all been stitched together into one, I feel like there should still be *some* breaking up of the maps, if only for the sake of being able to come to a natural stopping point after a play session. The puzzles can take a lot of time to get through on a first play, and the prospect of having to play the entire map up to the mid-way point just to resume it is hardly appealing for a small group playing by themselves. Breaking it up into two or even three maps might help with keeping pace and letting people "save" their progress.

2. While the description states that most puzzles only require 2 players, we found that many really required 3 to feasibly complete - in particular, the courtyard puzzle with the glass buttons and the timed blue key lift absolutely seemed to demand three players in order to complete. This probably isn't too much of a problem for the typical group, but did pose a problem when one of our players had to take an unexpectedly long absence from the game right before said puzzle. I think the description should be clearer that 3 players is the expected minimum for the majority of the map. (There is a possibility that we missed a solution, but two of us threw ourselves at it for awhile and couldn't get anywhere with just two.)

3. This is more a personal taste thing, but the puzzle in the sand level with the lava pit and the timed pathways was a *nightmare* to complete without an extremely solid handle on Sven movement. I feel like there could be just a *little* more leeway between the edges of the pathways and the death barrier - as it is, even a millimeter of your hitbox sliding off the pathway is instant death, and I can't imagine the nightmare that is having to retry over and over at this puzzle with only two players, given the need to hit both the blue and red keys every time an attempt is made at the green key.

Map length by Freaky Mutant ManFreaky Mutant Man, 27 Jul 2021 08:33
Idiotic crap.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 26 Jul 2021 17:38
in discussion / Map Comments » Zombie Cunt Maniac

A map as stupid as its name. No surprise, considering the mapper. This sort of pointless dreck shouldn't be in with proper maps, it needs to be in the bin.

Idiotic crap. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 26 Jul 2021 17:38
BlueSparkBlueSpark 26 Jul 2021 13:07
in discussion / Map Comments » Desk

Pretty horrible, borderline troll map. Avoid.

Grim. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 26 Jul 2021 13:07

Bind the npc_moveto command to 'V', for example. Then the NPC will be told to move to where you aim when pressing V.

Very cool battle map.

However the deliver2 has problem:

It has 2 doors need different "scientists" to open.
However there's a teleporting area which made for switching zone.
It's hard to lure the scientist go into the teleporting zone.

Do you know any solution?

Cool map but it has problem. by kalo22kalo22, 22 Jul 2021 14:19
ZarrexZarrex 18 Jul 2021 00:25
in discussion / Map Comments » Pizza ya san

The quintessential Sven Co-op map. If I had to choose 1 "must play" map, this is it

#1 by ZarrexZarrex, 18 Jul 2021 00:25
Small Ripent update
BlueSparkBlueSpark 04 Jul 2021 23:24
in discussion / Map Comments » Toysoldiers

A small patch (V1.2) to fix a few things including the Barbie House spawn, improved starting spawn and loadout, couple of internal corrections and a fix for the awkward-to-use game start button.

(This version is a day after SC_Dynamite's Barbie spawn fix, I didn't know it was being done or I'd have just patched the other stuff.)

Small Ripent update by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 04 Jul 2021 23:24
SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite 03 Jul 2021 19:27
in discussion / Map Comments » Toysoldiers

Spawn at doll house has been fixed.

by SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite, 03 Jul 2021 19:27

I checked the map using bspguy and i see there are Vans stored but they don't spawn ingame.

There is no bug.
OuterbeastOuterbeast 30 Jun 2021 11:43
in discussion / Map Comments » Wanted

I checked, there is no bug related to the vague statement "map change" that was made or any other possible thing that I'm finding, specifically between the want20/21 level change

There is no bug. by OuterbeastOuterbeast, 30 Jun 2021 11:43
Re: Good for you but...
GarompaGarompa 30 Jun 2021 00:56
in discussion / Map Comments » Wanted

That doesn't help either. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is talking about the changelevel not working somehow. I haven't checked.

Re: Good for you but... by GarompaGarompa, 30 Jun 2021 00:56
Re: Good for you but...
DogukanRooTDogukanRooT 29 Jun 2021 20:42
in discussion / Map Comments » Wanted

Check in Map Change…

Re: Good for you but... by DogukanRooTDogukanRooT, 29 Jun 2021 20:42
Good for you but...
OuterbeastOuterbeast 29 Jun 2021 19:23
in discussion / Map Comments » Wanted

How is this useful information? You didn't say what the problem was. You just said there was a bug in those two maps and scarpered off at light speed without providing any details what the bug was or what you did to patch it.

Good for you but... by OuterbeastOuterbeast, 29 Jun 2021 19:23
DogukanRooTDogukanRooT 28 Jun 2021 23:17
in discussion / Map Comments » Wanted

Hello, it's very great mod but have bug in want20 and want21
i patched want20 bug.

by DogukanRooTDogukanRooT, 28 Jun 2021 23:17
BlueSparkBlueSpark 28 Jun 2021 09:32
in discussion / Map Comments » Trenches

Very poor, not enjoyable. Infinitely respawning grunts constantly shoot you to pieces or spam frags into your trench.
It's the classic noob "box with monster spam".
Just no.

Terrible. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 28 Jun 2021 09:32

The ultimate complement to a Scot.


Adam Reece.

Is this map still completable with 5.23+'s altered physics? Riding the box seems not to work anymore…

Laggy last map
w00tguy123w00tguy123 12 Jun 2021 18:32
in discussion / Map Comments » The Long Night

Good port. Only problem found was that tln_8 causes extreme network lag, making it hard to move around. You can reproduce this on a LAN server with 1 other player.

Laggy last map by w00tguy123w00tguy123, 12 Jun 2021 18:32

I made the mistake of not taking notes of what was changed since it was so trivial. You are free to switch the downloads order, or remove mine if you are not happy with it. Since it seems theres a couple of people that do not like what I attempted to do, so it can't be completed. But nothing was replaced, the original download is still linked there, I only added my extra download on top because thats what the big one repacker downloads.

Basically what has been done is the next:
- Used this to find potential file conflicts between maps (these are identically named files inside the same folders)
- Fixed the conflicts by renaming files if they were different, moving them to another folder, or replacing them (with the most up to date version between the two) if they were the same exact file in one of the maps.

Then I did the common repack practice:
- Used resguy to check for potential missing files
- Fixed wrong file paths
- Added the missing files if they could be found, otherwise I have contacted the author on occasions to get the missing file if possible
- Generated .res files
- Repacked using resguy

All of this was checked manually, I only used the tools provided by wootguy for guidance.
The idea behind it all was that the definitive Big One mappack cannot be completed because of the conflicts, and they were very tiny mistakes to fix and so few that after years of waiting I decided to simply just do it. Now, if the workshop is a thing one day perhaps this big one won't be needed, but thats a whole other mess.

EDIT: Checked what was done to this. The conflict was civilian.mdl and a missing civilian.bmp
I restored the missing file and fixed the civilian.mdl player model which was using outdated sven animations looking broken ingame if used. I then used that new civilian.mdl on all maps that used it and repacked them each respectively. Simple as that.

What is this new upload "Original (conflict fix & repack)"?

It doesn't seem good practice to replace a prime download without discussing, describing, or announcing it.


Adam Reece.

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