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alien conversion

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conversion spaceship


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2024 boms co-oprequired difficulty:hard escape featured losable size:large survival


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2001 2024 conversion pvp


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2001 2024 conversion pvp

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2024 walkthrough


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2024 black-mesa community-edit defense featured losable secrets series size:large walkthrough xen


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2012 2024 black-mesa conversion featured losable puzzle series walkthrough


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2004 2024 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion difficulty:medium featured size:large walkthrough war


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2024 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured losable size:medium survival


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2024 conversion difficulty:hard featured jumping secrets total-conversion walkthrough war


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2024 april-fools difficulty:hard jumping music puzzle rng rubbish secrets silly size:large traps troll


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2024 co-oprequired defense difficulty:easy featured horde size:small


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2024 difficulty:easy size:medium survival walkthrough


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2024 conversion difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough


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2024 conversion needs-fixing no-end old series size:small walkthrough work-in-progress


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1999 2004 2017 2024 community-edit conversion escape merged rats series size:large space walkthrough


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2001 2006 2016 2024 city community-edit conversion merged series size:large survival walkthrough xen

sc_platforms_dev 01

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2024 conversion featured needs-pics series survival traps walkthrough


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2024 difficulty:hard horde size:medium walkthrough

platoon (10).jpg

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2024 conversion difficulty:hard size:large walkthrough

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2024 difficulty:hard featured size:medium walkthrough


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2023 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough


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2024 featured recreation size:large walkthrough


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2023 escape featured walkthrough


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2024 co-oprequired defense difficulty:easy featured horde size:small


4.5 / 5

2023 featured series survival walkthrough

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2019 boms difficulty:hard rats size:large total-conversion walkthrough war



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2017 boms secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2024 boms co-oprequired difficulty:hard escape featured losable size:large survival


4.5 / 5

1999 2000 2023 conversion series size:large walkthrough xen


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2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2003 defense difficulty:hard fun horde losable size:small timed

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Re: Softlocked
OSonicSEGAOSonicSEGA 18 Jul 2024 21:10
in discussion / Map Comments » Walkthrough_Frosty

I see. I've changed the maps based on your feedback.

Re: Softlocked by OSonicSEGAOSonicSEGA, 18 Jul 2024 21:10
sproketboysproketboy 12 Jul 2024 12:49
in discussion / Map Comments » Central Assault

It seems there are secrets in this map.

One near the beginning where the security door with the window above and one in the area with Blue giant thing in a vent behind a truck.

Any solutions?

secrets by sproketboysproketboy, 12 Jul 2024 12:49
TunacTunac 09 Jul 2024 20:23
in discussion / Map Comments » OF Boot Camp

ofboot4 was rebuilt by Soctom and no longer crashes. Other fixes were not made.

by TunacTunac, 09 Jul 2024 20:23

what you have to do is rename the plugin "" to "" and make this change in "default_plugins.txt"

"name" "aomdcflashlight"
"script" "aomdcflashlight"

and that's it, the plugin should be ready :D

Plugin AoMDCFlashlight bug fix by EWCCEWCC, 08 Jul 2024 20:19

I put the plugin in "default_plugins.txt" and I saw a solution in this post, but it didn't work, it doesn't work to make the small letters nor put it in the scripts folder of "sveencoop" itself, any solution?

It didn't work for me, do you have any other solution (I'm doing the game from the client)?

LAMO really 100% same to Original version.
and i finished that .. lol

hello, thanks for the comment I'm glad you liked it :), regarding the civilians (who would be the scientists) the idea was to punish the player for killing the scientists, complicating things by making aliens appear, maybe I should have worked better that aspect :3

Both Rookie and Veteran difficulties can be completed simply with 7-10 teammates, we had a blast minutes ago. XD It's pretty noticeable when a medkit can be find easily on Rookie diff compared to other ones.

Absolutely loved it! ♥ by GaunaGauna, 29 Jun 2024 20:29
Re: Softlocked
GarompaGarompa 29 Jun 2024 02:25
in discussion / Map Comments » Walkthrough_Frosty

I see, the 2nd map has the gauss trigger a relay which has triggerstate OFF, meaning it triggers the multi manager off, meaning it doesnt activate. Thats my guess.
The first map has the crowbars killtarget the func clip wall, but it seems they dont, at least for me. Perhaps it needs a relay in between. Anyway both problems are from weapon pickups triggering things, maybe its not reliable to do it that way?

Re: Softlocked by GarompaGarompa, 29 Jun 2024 02:25
Re: Softlocked
OSonicSEGAOSonicSEGA 28 Jun 2024 21:50
in discussion / Map Comments » Walkthrough_Frosty

I couldn't replicate any of the two. Can you add me on steam and show how it appears for you?

Re: Softlocked by OSonicSEGAOSonicSEGA, 28 Jun 2024 21:50

Prime BOMS material right here.


Adam Reece.

Legendary map by AdambeanAdambean, 27 Jun 2024 07:04
GarompaGarompa 24 Jun 2024 04:23
in discussion / Map Comments » Walkthrough_Frosty

I got softlocked in the second map. The rocks dont break in the cave, both of them.
The first map has an invisible wall in the crowbar area and you cant pass the door.

Softlocked by GarompaGarompa, 24 Jun 2024 04:23
best map ever made?????????
bughosbnbughosbn 10 Jun 2024 21:05
in discussion / Map Comments » Uhwhat1

half life mapping is not dead. linda303 puts up a ballistically cruel and torturous map with her deep knowledge of the goldsrc engine going against the legends like hondo turrican muddasheep rng and so many more. and that is no understatement. this is the hardest challenge sven co-op has to offer and is perhaps top 5 of my favorite maps of all time (to me this is hard, even though linda says this is easy). it has great music, and prime surreal mapping. the puzzles are just so overly complex and mind-bending, and if it wasn't for lindas hints we probably would've never cracked the code. there are so many special quirks and mechanisms in this map that i did not know could be replicated and created with seemingly such ease in the goldsrc engine. it is such a unique experience that me and my friends who played will remember this for years to come, forever burned into our memory. good luck playing it and i look forward to the next map(s) in the series linda!!!!!

best map ever made????????? by bughosbnbughosbn, 10 Jun 2024 21:05

I have gone and added a failsafe for the HEV trigger. I also added vulcan ammo although that probably was a mapper's decision to not have some. I added npckill 2 to all maps too so there is no friendly fire.

But about the NPC Xonxt, I cannot do much about that, platforms, elevators and doors are dangerous around npcs because thats goldsource engine for you.
Look, if the elevator doors do not have crush damage, they will get stuck even with players. softlocking the map.
Then the author made a super complex thing for something so simple as the elevator, it would be too much of a hassle to figure out and remake the entire thing. So I just added infinite damage to the doors so Xonxt can be crushed easily.
NPC : Luther Johnson Phd. or NPC : Xonxt
This NPC sometimes gets stuck in the elevator door. The game cannot continue.(But … it takes a long time for the elevator door to kill him. )
And … I think the server needs to have mp_npckill "0".

weapon_vulcan no ammo?

trigger_once -> target : mngr_HEV no work?

Thanks for the report, should be fixed now in v1e. The walls were being triggered by a leftover unused multimanager that I restored for the cameras to work. So the shields were working in reverse

There were no problems ever with that so far. Recently other players reported it working just fine. It is weird that the truck just stayed there stuck, this means it didn't trigger anything. There are also reports on other maps with npcs not triggering on death or triggering brushes, but its always the same people. I believe that you are using a plugin that is causing this to many entities, so they aren't able to trigger things properly. Try again without the plugins. In the meantime I will upload a new version with a failsafe on that.

the shieldis not working properly.
fix it.

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