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sc_platforms_dev 01

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3.3 / 5

2024 conversion featured needs-pics series survival traps walkthrough


3.2 / 5

2024 difficulty:hard horde size:medium walkthrough

platoon (10).jpg

3 / 5

2024 conversion difficulty:hard featured size:large walkthrough


3.8 / 5

2024 difficulty:easy recreation size:large walkthrough


3.5 / 5

2023 co-oprequired difficulty:hard no-end puzzle size:large


2.7 / 5

2023 fun no-end


1.5 / 5

2023 difficulty:easy fun no-end size:large


1 / 5

2023 difficulty:easy fun no-end rubbish size:small


3.5 / 5

2024 difficulty:hard featured size:medium walkthrough


3.8 / 5

2023 size:small survival walkthrough


1.8 / 5

2024 difficulty:hard series traps walkthrough


5 / 5

2023 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard jumping puzzle size:medium tfc


3.7 / 5

2023 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough


2.3 / 5

2023 fun pvp size:small


2.9 / 5

2023 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion difficulty:easy featured size:medium walkthrough xen


3.5 / 5

2023 escape walkthrough


3.9 / 5

2023 featured fun lobby secrets size:small solo total-conversion utility water


2.7 / 5

2023 beta boss defense horde losable size:small


3.1 / 5

2023 co-oprequired defense difficulty:hard horde large-dl losable needs-dl scary size:large walkthrough zombies


3.4 / 5

2023 featured merge-map-page total-conversion walkthrough


N/A / 5

difficulty:easy fun size:small unreleased work-in-progress


2.3 / 5

2023 difficulty:easy egypt size:medium walkthrough


3 / 5

2006 2023 conversion difficulty:easy size:small walkthrough


3.1 / 5

2013 2023 conversion custommodels defense difficulty:hard featured size:large snow walkthrough


4.5 / 5

2023 featured series survival walkthrough

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4.2 / 5

2018 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy featured losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough


4.3 / 5

2023 difficulty:hard featured fun losable ranch size:large survival


4.2 / 5

2019 april-fools boss community-edit difficulty:hard featured horde size:small


2.5 / 5

2003 2023 black-mesa cof-weapons conversion difficulty:hard difficulty:medium featured insurgency-weapons losable playable-solo series size:large survival walkthrough


2.9 / 5

2023 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion difficulty:easy featured size:medium walkthrough xen


3.7 / 5

2023 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough

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4.6 / 5

2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough



4.6 / 5

2017 boms secrets size:medium walkthrough


4.6 / 5

2016 difficulty:hard fun music pvp secrets series size:medium total-conversion walkthrough


4.6 / 5

2005 2007 2016 community-edit conversion scary series size:large survival walkthrough


4.6 / 5

2014 boms difficulty:hard losable secrets size:medium walkthrough


4.5 / 5

2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard jumping puzzle size:medium survival

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Re: Awesome
OrkkiiOrkkii 29 Feb 2024 18:57
in discussion / Map Comments » Cow Tycoon

stfu about roblox and just bhop

Re: Awesome by OrkkiiOrkkii, 29 Feb 2024 18:57
BlazeeBlazee 29 Feb 2024 17:06
in discussion / Map Comments » Platforms

I like the concept, but the map seems rather unfinished because it doesn't have any lose/win conditions, and it also doesn't seem to restart or end if all players fail the stage. Also the shuffling speed doesn't appear to increase over time while it shuffles, so it remains constant and feels rather bland. Overall it's a good map, but it could use a revamp.

by BlazeeBlazee, 29 Feb 2024 17:06
Fullvias 2024
giselachar20giselachar20 29 Feb 2024 03:06
in discussion / Map Comments » Argentina Vias

Mapa actualizado al 2024.

Fullvias 2024 by giselachar20giselachar20, 29 Feb 2024 03:06

The map is excelent, epic, playeable and enjoyeable, the only thing i feel is the time duration, the players in servers bored about 3 minutes in the train and leaves the server, maybe if change to 2 minutes can be better..

Epic Map but.. by nicoezzionicoezzio, 27 Feb 2024 03:17
Re: Rough Map
GarompaGarompa 26 Feb 2024 08:17
in discussion / Map Comments » Platoon

I know. The suit kill thing is a workaround for a game bug because the trigger_respawn teleports living players instead of respawning them, therefore the suit is not given to them, unless they die first. There is no way around this, I had to forcefully kill players for the cvar change to take effect and give everyone a suit. People have reported this respawn issue over and over, because some things trigger only by actually respawning.

The gauna issue is another game bug. Already reported and supposedly going to be fixed in sven 5.26 update with an HWGrunt rework. The HWGrunt drops his weapon when shot with the RPG ignoring the fact that the custom model has no bodygroups for weapons and even the fact that it has the "no drop minigun" flags set ON. I remember this not happening before so it is a current bug I guess. Also the hwgrunt will get stuck if he cant reach the dropped minigun, until the minigun disappears by itself.

I will take a look at the car spawn thing, and maybe reduce Hp on the robot boss.

The vents, well… thats the fault of the mapper, these are ripents, no textures or brush entities were touched.

The last boss, you get a hint at the start of the fight. You just keep blasting it, and when one of his weapons dies (each of them has 1000-2000 hp) he loses his shields and his health goes down to 2000. But i admit collision is buggy and I guess depending on latency the guy will damage itself by colliding with itself or something, and if it is low on HP it will blow itself up.

Re: Rough Map by GarompaGarompa, 26 Feb 2024 08:17
Rough Map
chiefmasamunechiefmasamune 26 Feb 2024 06:06
in discussion / Map Comments » Platoon

I played through this map with 2 friends. One of us lost our minds in part 3 and only pressed on because I told him I had to finish the map to fairly write this review.

Part 1 feels very unnecessary. It sets a tone with a bunch of high school edgy dialogue and then doesn't really keep it going throughout the rest of the map.
Part 2, getting the HEV suit is weird in multiplayer because only one person gets it in the pod and then everyone else has to die to get it.
There's a lot of teleports. It's pretty disorientating.
Part 3, Gauna was pretty underwhelming as a boss because they had a vulcan cannon and was clearly using a pistol animation to shoot. Each shot did 2 damage. Definitely a lot of damage when you're shooting bullets per second, not seconds per bullet.
Part 4, the puzzles towards the beginning were actually pretty neat. Dropping a 5000-HP boss on us while we're stuck on a tram is kind of nuts. Part of why this map feels like it needs more players. The car segment had a bad spawn. While trying to mow down the zombie horde, one of my friends died and he kept spawning underneath the map. The spawns were fine after I cleared out enough zombies for the car to start moving again. After the car segment was over, the enemies spawning behind are a pretty annoying. They'll surprise you from behind and then if they kill you, you have to kill them on the way back to the car.
Part 5, the vents weren't textured properly. My friend is a graphics engineer, so that immediately stuck out to him. The Death Bog boss could have used a hint or something to tell the player to just keep shooting it. We only killed it after we ran around the room several times and ran out of ideas. Upon entering the final boss room, the skybox was flickering for all of us for some reason. The final boss glitched and exploded itself, which was a god-send. I have no idea how we were going to actually kill it. Getting to the final warp was awful. It feels like the meteors were specifically placed to intercept you while jumping between islands. We resorted to yeeting ourselves there with the Gauss cannon.

Overall, it feels like the mapping tools weren't fully utilized. It also coming from a mod seems to explain some of the gameplay design choices made.

Rough Map by chiefmasamunechiefmasamune, 26 Feb 2024 06:06
Typical AbcTypical Abc 24 Feb 2024 10:38
in discussion / Map Comments » Act Of Bingus

I love the dual mini uzi in the game.


KEWL by Typical AbcTypical Abc, 24 Feb 2024 10:38
Typical AbcTypical Abc 24 Feb 2024 10:29
in discussion / Map Comments » Fate Reversal

Finally they fixed itt…..


Epic by Typical AbcTypical Abc, 24 Feb 2024 10:29

I played through this map with 2 friends.

So a map about digging through a mine sounds pretty dumb, but it's incredibly fun! The mining itself is like Minecraft, but enemies pop out of the rocks and break up the rhythm. The platforming segments are also a welcome addition and pretty fun, if kind of frustrating at times. Shortcuts are generally good about getting you back to the action quickly.

The end sequence is pretty dumb yet very fitting.

Incredibly Fun Map by chiefmasamunechiefmasamune, 18 Feb 2024 04:41

This is a map where it feels like it should be a 2 but it was fun enough to be a 4.
I played with 2 friends. Enemies were pretty bulky, but they were pretty easy to kite around and deal with. I liked the setting a lot. I wish ammo would spawn a bit faster, but I don't know if that's a map setting or server setting.

Played through this with 2 friends. The environments are pretty cool and well-laid out. However, it feels like enemies were just kinda thrown on there, in abundance. Most enemies just have a ton of enemies.

All fixed in v2

I hope engine limit doesn't crash anymore. It never happened during our tests ever. And a few stukabats cannot possibly crash the engine, otherwise big horde maps would crash. Stadium 4 would crash, right?

EDIT: Hive is supposed to be difficult to destroy before the train rams it :) so you must endure 3 minutes. But if there are enough players, all of them firing would be easy to kill it. Bad thing: you still have to wait for the platform to move, my bad for that
GMan broken path does not exist, he is supposed to retaliate by teleporting everyone away to their deaths. he just casually walks towards the enemy before that happens.
Deathbog dies when all the tar pits where he can respawn from stop existing, you must kill him several times and each life he has a different set of abilities.

Sad you couldn't try the last map, the last boss may be very hard because of jumping and dodging meteors

i thought you will put easter egg picture in that map.
thanks for put displacer in there !

in map 4, player respawn something wrong…

Platoon map case.. at least need 10 people i think.

because, platoon 5 map in the map. when i play with some friends, Stukubat hive has a lot of hp and couldnt defeat in 3 mins (without custom weapon). also Goldsrc Engine limit occurred in Platoon 5. other people also said engine crashed in stukubat hive part.

some boss battle case need to hint how to kill that. Deathbog(?) case didnt know i have to use spore launcher.
in Platoon 1 map, some door made player stuck a lot and HECU made broken Gman path.

telefrag happening too much every maps.

thank you !

i recommend playing this map if you want to have an extremely bad, unfun and stressful game :):)

negga with a rocket launcher

It's Over
chiefmasamunechiefmasamune 12 Feb 2024 02:54
in discussion / Map Comments » Escape 3

And I'm glad. Production quality went up but game design did not.

It's Over by chiefmasamunechiefmasamune, 12 Feb 2024 02:54
meryillameryilla 10 Feb 2024 22:36
in discussion / Map Comments » JABase

Nice map, though it ought to end with a game_end rather than trying to changelevel to the singeplayer campaign portal.

by meryillameryilla, 10 Feb 2024 22:36

The platform in tb_mesagold won't move unless you blow up the tripmine outside. You can just barely see and shoot it through the window on the brown door.

stuck platform in map 1 by w00tguy123w00tguy123, 09 Feb 2024 17:25
Four-NinesFour-Nines 08 Feb 2024 16:41
in discussion / Map Comments » Absolute Redemption

why all (or the most) hgrunts with M16 weapon model? even they have shotguns and mp5. it's kinda weird

by Four-NinesFour-Nines, 08 Feb 2024 16:41
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