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2023 jumping retro size:small skills


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2023 size:small walkthrough


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2023 fun size:small


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2022 pvp snow


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2018 conversion difficulty:easy size:small survival walkthrough


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2003 conversion size:small survival walkthrough


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2012 2022 conversion size:medium walkthrough


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2022 3d arcade city difficulty:easy needs-fixing nsfw recreation size:large


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co-oprequired horde needs-info size:small snow


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2021 2022 conversion size:small snow walkthrough


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2021 no-end utility


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2022 fun no-end race size:large


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2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard featured fun horde jumping music puzzle ragemap size:large walkthrough


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2008 rubbish size:small


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2022 total-conversion walkthrough


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2008 community-edit size:medium walkthrough


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2006 size:small walkthrough


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2004 community-edit


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2022 city music playable-solo secrets survival total-conversion walkthrough


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2022 difficulty:hard jumping platforming puzzle size:large skills


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2017 2022 black-mesa conversion series size:large survival walkthrough


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2022 co-oprequired difficulty:hard jumping puzzle size:medium survival


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2003 2022 black-mesa conversion series survival walkthrough xen


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2000 conversion difficulty:medium losable size:small survival tfc walkthrough work-in-progress


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2022 collaboration horde playable-solo puzzle series size:large walkthrough


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2003 conversion difficulty:medium jumping nsfw secrets skills tfc

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2020 difficulty:hard featured losable secrets size:large work-in-progress


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2003 2022 community-edit conversion difficulty:easy featured prison size:small space tfc walkthrough


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2021 featured fun music size:small survival total-conversion


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2022 difficulty:hard featured recreation size:medium survival walkthrough


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2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough



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2017 boms secrets size:medium walkthrough


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2019 custommodels difficulty:hard rats size:large total-conversion walkthrough war


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For those seeing this comment later in time, I played the November 15, 2022 "poison tester" update yesterday (January 28, 2023) and suffered no such bugs throughout.

Re: Bugged by dunkelschwammdunkelschwamm, 29 Jan 2023 18:08

You can copy the mod files to the svencoop_addon or svencoop_download folder, load it up ingame and play it. But you also should pray it works.
What you will find is that weapons wont carry from one map to the other, and invisible walls will teleport you to previous maps. It will be annoying or boderline impossible to play.

He is making good points and giving you hints and tips to make your mapping and packing of said maps better.

- Please maintain the scmapdb page structure, you are deleting all the code and replacing it with plain text
- Follow the guidelines for packing:
- Use .zip instead of 7z or rar, this is important for servers
- All your custom files and folders should be lowercased, not UPPERCASED or with any UpperCase.
- Use resguy for error checking and autogenerate .res files, super important that they are correct:
- I also recommend Half Life Asset manager to get rid of .mdl extra texture and sequence files:
- And use the compilers found in the Sven Co-op SDK, you can find it and download it from the tools section in steam. They are optimized for today's standards and are the best out there.

I think you are talented, and are making good progress in the port of HL2, but it looks like you think everyone is after you to attack you or something every time you get a comment. This community is small and we appreciate and want to keep people modding the game, and getting better at it.

Is your country's culture like that? You can't point out what needs to be better or everyone gets violent? How do your people get better at something if their mistakes are not pointed out?

Because your mistakes are going to affect your map, and nobody will play it because it won't work properly. And that affects the game and everyone in it.
So, if instead of fixing it you ignore it or insult others, then someone else will have to come and fix your stuff so everyone can play it. And that has happened before, resulting in even more insults.

Don't come sharing candy and get offended when people don't like it because its rotten inside.

This is the last time i'm gonna try to help someone like that.

it doesn't work like that, porting half-life maps into sven co-op is not a work of just copy pasting it, especially mods like rally which heavily modified the game code that sven cannot replicate yet even with all the tools available

as for making them appear in steam library, that's just a half-life thing


I think that around four years ago, I had Half-Life installed and I downloaded some maps (mods) from It was pretty easy to install them. I don't remember how I did it but it shouldn't take long to figure out. This will create a Half-Life entry in my Library on Steam, and one additional entry for every Half-Life mod I install.

But now I'm using Sven Co-op, and I like the idea of just having that and only that installed.

So if I want to try a new Half-Life mod that isn't on scmapdb (, what should I do? Should I install it through Half-Life, request for it to be converted and uploaded on scmapdb, or is there a way I can install it myself and play it through Sven Co-op (but just by dragging and dropping files into the right locations, not by converting or editing anything)? If I can install moddb mods in Sven Co-op is there a good existing guide that someone can link me to? Thank you.

Eyeling (guest) 29 Jan 2023 05:13
in discussion / SC / SC Map DB » How do I use .RES files?

Oh, wow, thanks! I knew they helped with custom files, I just wasn't sure exactly how they did it, which made me sceptical since I've seen discussion on the Obsidian Conflict boards about how they don't work at all. I also didn't know that people will make .RES files for you. The people here must be really nice to do that. I also really appreciate you pointing me to Resguy, I never even knew it existed! Thank you, legitimately. Its really helpful because I couldn't find anything about this stuff anywhere else!

by Eyeling (guest), 29 Jan 2023 05:13
IBRAHIM TRIBRAHIM TR 29 Jan 2023 05:09
in discussion / Map Comments » Snowball 2022

Why are you so obsessed with my map?
why are you messing with me sv boy??
While I don't get involved in the stupid maps you make
look at your own map sv boy!!!

by IBRAHIM TRIBRAHIM TR, 29 Jan 2023 05:09
SV BOYSV BOY 28 Jan 2023 20:45
in discussion / Map Comments » Snowball 2022

the map is not optimized well
archiving it with a .zip file would be ton better then with .rar, it is also bloated with useless .ztmp files, with a very bad .res file, too
i uploaded the fixed version but it does not fix the horrible fact that you use the synergy compilers instead of sven co-op ones :(

by SV BOYSV BOY, 28 Jan 2023 20:45

you can use resguy to make task of making a .res file an absolute no brainer if you know how to use resguy, its that easy

its an universal kind of thing for source\goldsrc games
but for explaining WHY you need a .res file, it basically tells the server you are joining "hey can you fetch those files to the player? much thanks -game", the .res files may include models, sounds, sprites, gfx, textures, basically any custom content EXCEPT the map itself, scripts and config\text files since those are done server-side. Without the .res file you would miss out on the said models and sounds content that the map has, which will lead to worser map experience since you'll see a bunch of errors and missing textures. It is a mapper's respnosibility to include the .res file inside the archive right besides the .bsp file, but if you dont know or forget, people here in SCMapDB may generate it for you. Sure, when you download the map from SCMapDB then you don't need .res file, but the .res files were designed for game servers to provide the content without you needing to download map from the sites

Re: How do I use .RES files? by SV BOYSV BOY, 28 Jan 2023 20:24
IBRAHIM TRIBRAHIM TR 28 Jan 2023 19:56
in discussion / Map Comments » Snowball 2022

what's the problem sv boy ???

by IBRAHIM TRIBRAHIM TR, 28 Jan 2023 19:56
How do I use .RES files?
Eyeling (guest) 28 Jan 2023 15:28
in discussion / SC / SC Map DB » How do I use .RES files?

How do I use .RES files? I used them for obsidian conflict, but 1: thats source engine 2: I don't think it worked even though I did it exactly as I should have (it might have worked, I don't remember). .RES files don't even make any sense to me, how could it download the information contained within the .RES file, where does it access it from, the host's computer? It makes no sense if all your computer is getting is the .BSP and .RES but not any of the files that the .RES is supposed to get, how is the .RES supposed to actually do anything? Is the Half Life community under some mass delusion that this is how files work? Or am I missing something?

How do I use .RES files? by Eyeling (guest), 28 Jan 2023 15:28

its alrighty

by SV BOYSV BOY, 28 Jan 2023 14:47

thanks, these are my first group of maps i've made so i guess i didn't pack them up 100% correct. i didn't even know what resguy was or what a .res file did. some of those missing .wav are actually just my error of typing wrong directory in the .wav location for a few entities. i need to go find them

by VarhansenVarhansen, 28 Jan 2023 02:43

Thank you. It did not occur to me to use a NPC to get the gate open. And if there was an audio hint, I probably missed it because I wasn't paying attention and had the sound down low. But yeah, you are right. The map was perfectly fine.

Is this problem reproducible?

What is supposed to happen is that bandits spawn and you fight them on your way to the church. When you reach the church, the gate is meant to be unlocked by a villager, you have to rescue the villager from the building opposite the church.

oh w00tguy already showed the missing files before

by SV BOYSV BOY, 26 Jan 2023 13:35
J1MB0J1MB0 25 Jan 2023 17:25
in discussion / Map Comments » Jimblox Obby

Thanks friend!!

by J1MB0J1MB0, 25 Jan 2023 17:25
SV BOYSV BOY 25 Jan 2023 11:38
in discussion / Map Comments » Jimblox Obby

added a .res file to the map, also fixed the skybox pathing (it should be gfx/env/<skyboxhere>, not gfx/(skyboxhere>)

by SV BOYSV BOY, 25 Jan 2023 11:38

Maybe it's just a game glitch (not map bug). And I guess it's not that important. I made a video of it though before moving on to the next map.

On want_16, near the map change location, there is a church. Inside the church are enemies and a letter that you can read. And some other items. But I couldn't get inside the church. I used cl_nopclip to get inside and kill the enemies and find the stuff. But once I turned noclip off, I really couldn't get inside the church. I tried destroying the gate that leads inside with an explosive. I tried pressing the use key on teh gate. I tried crouch jumping over the gate. Nothing worked. Also, earlier in the want_16 map, there was an enemy that just froze. It stood still. I couldn't do any damage to him. His health stats did not appear. But that was probably a game glitch and not a map bug. Anyway, I hope someone else who plays this will be able to get into the church no problem. For me, I had to use cheats to get in it.

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