Welcome to the mapping site of Matt McLean aka cold_blood3d. I've been interested in the Half-Life game series for a while and started making maps for it around late 2003/early 2004. I map sporadically, depending on whether any of the current games or mods interest me, and if I have time. Here you can see and download the maps I've created. You can contact me at moc.liamg|naelcm.r.wehttam#moc.liamg|naelcm.r.wehttam.

Half-Life 1 / GoldSrc

Sven Co-op


Gold Crowbar


Random Map Selector

RS Mapchoice

RS Votemap


You can also see my SC Map DB mapper profile.

Half-Life 2 / Source

Half-Life 2 Single Player

Experimental Fuel


Sven Co-op 2

Depletion (WIP/postponed)

Zombie Master

Caged In (tentative title) (WIP/postponed)

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