To-do List

To-do List


Tagged as needs-dl (3)

These maps need more download mirrors. Specifically for files over 200 MB (our filesize limit at SCMapDB), we rely entirely on external sites for hosting. There is always the risk of websites disappearing, so it is important that any files that cannot be uploaded to SCMapDB have at least 2 independent external download links.

Tagged as needs-pics (1)

These maps need more screenshots. People want to see pictures before they download a map! And this site might look a little dull without all the pretty pics. So go upload some nice ones for these maps. Be sure to un-tag maps once they have enough screenshots. Thanks for the help. :)

Tagged as needs-info (2)

These maps need more more information added to their page. Please make sure they have a proper description, author, release date, credits, and anything else important. A map can be un-tagged once it has sufficient info. You may also be able to find maps with unknown author or date of release by searching the site for "unknown":

Tagged as needs-fixing (37)

A fix is needed in order to make these maps fully operational. This could be due to a gameplay bug, compatibility issue, or bad .zip package/missing files. Since the original mappers are usually no longer available, dedicated SCMapDB community members may work to fix map issues, often using tools that don't require the original map source. Once fixed, the community-edit tag can be applied and details noted in a map's changelog. If a map cannot be fixed, it should instead by tagged as unfixable.

Date of release missing (22)

Maps that are missing a date of release and aren't unreleased.

Difficulty missing (987)

Maps that are not tagged with any difficulty.

Size missing (13)

Maps that are not tagged with any size.

More ratings needed (983)

Maps with fewer than 5 ratings (votes). A minimum of 5 votes is required for a map to show up on any sorted ratings lists throughout the site.

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