SCMapDB rules are very straightforward.

First, don't worry about making mistakes! Even though we've done our best to simplify the wiki, it still may feel a little confusing at first, so it's completely understandable if you mess something up. If you make a mistake, someone will probably notice and fix it.


Obviously not allowed, and totally pointless. All edits are tracked and can be reverted.

Any vandalism will result in a permanent ban.


To keep things organized, please keep posts on topic. Map comments are meant to provide feedback, ideas, suggestions, and discussion about the map. General SC help requests, installation requests, website feedback, etc. should go in our forum.

Offending posts will be deleted. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Content guidelines

We encourage mappers of all abilities and experience levels to showcase their work. However, the below criteria must be met:

  • Maps must meet a bare minimum quality threshold. This is very easy to achieve. Basically it means don't upload a fullbright box filled with 100 enemies.
  • Maps should be meant for SC. Content from other games or mods should be updated if not already suitable for play.
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