Haunted Souls A
Author Blizz753
Date of release v1.2 - 23.01.2022
.bsp filename hauntedsouls_a1,hauntedsouls_a2


Hauntedsouls A1 - "Its 3 A.M, Gunslinger Lord orders you to find Sobrobo and learn the mission."

Hauntedsouls A2 - "Its 4 A.M, Meet with Sobrobo at Transit Hub and find purple crystal."

Additional info

Created by "Blasters Collective Team"

Map: Blizz753 & X-Ray
Story: Blizz753
Models: X-Ray
Sounds: Blizz753
Musics: X-Ray
Textures: X-Ray
Beta Testers: ModusSonic,Last Hope,Captain Flame,X-Ray,Blizz753
Map Completion date:22.01.2022

Additional credits

Deathmatch :No
Co-operative :Yes
Classic-Mode :Recommended

Thanks to:
-Sven Coop Team for the game
-Gamebanana for the model samples
-Beta Testers of Blasters Collective Team


Original (fixed repack):


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