24 hour map (The Suggestion Map)





24 hour map (The Suggestion Map)

Author Keen
Date of release Final - July 18, 2016
.bsp filename 24hourmap2


This is a map based off of this thread: http://forums.svencoop.com/showthread.php/41936-What-should-I-map-MAP-will-make-1-room-area-daily-based-off-your-suggestions

Where I attempted to create what people suggested to the best of my ability. I think overall I did pretty, pretty good.

"So the idea here is you, the public, post a suggestion, and once every 24 hours(or whenever people post) I will choose a suggestion and create a themed room/custom monsters or small/medium area based off of your idea and post screenshots with a playable working map everyday for your gaming pleasure. In general it's a first come, first serve if I see your post first I will try to prioritize that but I am the mapper and have complete discretion in this area. If it even averages to 1 suggestion from the public a day that would be perfect. To make things simple I will plan on making this a walkthrough map in general.

Examples of posts you could make:
"Keen make a room with 2 monsters and a couch"
"Keen here is an image of Coliflour turn it a monster to chase the player!"
"Keen make a jump puzzle with this picture of Carl Sagan!"

Anyone with an account can post an idea for me to add to the DailyMap. Keep your request relatively simple and strait forward, and not take up more than a "medium-large area"."

Additional info

I did actually take a lot longer than 24 hours, well maybe 24-48 total over 2-3 weeks lol

Suggestions from:
Tuesday's Avenger

I did not manage to get to all the suggestions before i stopped work on the project/finished


2016 difficulty:easy fun size:small walkthrough

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