A Soldier's Tale





A Soldier's Tale

Author Matt Arnold
Original mod release 2000
Date of release 23 August, 2021
.bsp filename ast_c01 (+ 6 more maps)


As part of the HECU, you enter the Black Mesa Research Facility via an armoured personnel carrier.

It leaves you in a large warehouse-style building and your objective is nothing more than to stay alive and kill as many enemies as possible.

Good Luck!

Additional info

  • Maps features AntiRush support that is optional, and is disabled by default. To enable AntiRush, open ast.as and go to Line 8 - change this to "true".
const bool blAntiRushEnabled = false;

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion
Mikk - Mapping
Outerbeast - Scripting and mapping support

Special thanks to:

  • CubeMath - base entities for AntiRush
  • Neo - Nightvision script
  • Playtesters: Garompa, Tunac

Garompa's edit & fix
Garompa - Fixes and additions
Mementocity - Dual hivehand Elite Alien Grunt by Mementocity (model and animations)
LeonelC - HD LD scientist for Agent Coomer (a scientist with a gun?!)
R4to0 - nightvision script fixes

Known bugs

  • ast_c02: Sometimes the scripted sequence scientist decides to disregard the sequence and run away from the aliens and towards the deadly laser. Does not affect gameplay or map progression though.
  • ast_c07: Sometimes the garg doesn't kill the first scientist, but does not affect anything.
  • ast_c07: Due to the map's geometry players and npcs can get stuck between the end portal and the ramp next to it, be careful.



2000 2021 black-mesa community-edit conversion difficulty:medium series size:large survival walkthrough

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