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Absolute Redemption

Author Original author: Maverick Developments - Conversion: kmkz
Original mod release November 1, 2000
Date of release May 21, 2023
Last update v1.3 Jun 4, 2023
.bsp filename rede0, rede_db1 + 14 maps


This is a port of two Half-life mods: Absolute Redemption and its prequel Drug Barons. rede0 is the first map of Absolute Redemption (or rede1 if you want to avoid the long intro). rede_db1 is the first map of Drug Barons.

Absolute Redemption Story: After the events of Drug Barons you are sent into a new mission: rescue the 3 sacred telnorps that are trapped in different locations but it wont be easy, Giussetteli private army will try to stop you.

Drug Barons story: After the events of black mesa you accept Gman proposal and your first task is to destroy the drug Barons.

Additional credits

Check readme_absolute_redemption.txt for more details

models taken from Darkgunner port of Absolute Redemption.
Thanks to all people who endured the primitive versions in my server (when i had one) around 2018.



2000 2023 conversion series size:large walkthrough xen

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