Afraid Of Monsters / Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut Co-op





Afraid Of Monsters / Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut Co-op

Author Andreas Rönnberg, James Marchant, Zorbos
Original mod date Director's Cut - October 30, 2007
Original - December 24, 2005
Date of release Community fix release by R4to0 - October 31, 2021
v6.1.1 - July 1, 2019
v6.1 - November 3, 2017
v6 (Zorbos' Custom Version) - October 31, 2017
v5.1 - April 15, 2016
.bsp filename aom_*, aomdc_*, afraidofmonsters_lobby


Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a strange kind of drug. Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears. Finally, you go to Markland Hospital, seeking help. First, however, you make a stop into the bathroom, where another bottle of pills awaits you, standing out like a beacon in the night in your depraved eyes.

When will it all stop?

A note from Zorbos:

This is the version of AoM I have been running on my 24/7 servers for about two years now.

The #1 goal with this conversion has always been authenticity, so I'm happy to say that this version is the closest you'll get to actually playing AoM co-op. The weapons work pretty much exactly like they do in the mod(s), all the custom enemies have been scripted, and I've even scripted the custom game mechanics in.

I've also done a lot of cleaning up in the directory tree for the mods since the last release. Most of the duplicate and unused files have been removed (mainly duplicate sounds and models), RES files have been updated to only include the bare minimum content for players to join, and the folder structure itself has been reorganized in a more logical and clean way.

For this release, I've also taken the liberty of ripenting and converting the original 2005 AoM. You'll find that in the lobby map, there are now two branches for both Classic AoM and Director's Cut.
This conversion also supports Survival (which I call NIGHTMARE difficulty), and certain mechanics change when Survival is enabled. You can read about that in detail further below.



Extra content

  • Full support for both the original Afraid of Monsters Classic (2005) mod AND Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut (2007)
  • A new and updated lobby to enable easy selection of specific endings and/or Classic mode. Great for server map rotations!
  • Restored the missing map: City - for both Director's Cut and Classic

Dynamic elements

  • Maps contain randomized weapon, ammo, and item spawns that change locations each time the map loads

Improved scripts

  • Includes scripted weapons that more accurately mimic their original mod counterparts. For example: in Director's Cut, pistols are semi-automatic and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. The Glock's MOUSE2 fully automatic fire function has been returned as well.
  • Includes scripted monsters that mimic their original mod counterparts (such as the Ghosts' ear ringing attack).

New mechanics

  • All pre-existing keys and usable items have been replaced with item_inventory. This now means that only the player who picked up the key can open the door it unlocks. Not only cuts down on rushing, but makes the gameplay much more interesting
  • Weapon swapping: In Director's Cut, you may now only possess one weapon from each category at a time. This means that you will have to make tactical decisions about which pistol, melee, primary, or magnum pistol to take with you. Each one has it's pros and cons, so choose wisely!
  • In Director's Cut, you must press your USE key to pick up items, ammo, and weapons.
  • Includes a custom (optional) plugin that enables the flashlight system from Director's Cut. This means you must collect batteries to recharge the flashlight. Includes randomized battery spawns that change locations each time the map loads. See "Additional Content" below for more information.
  • Includes a custom (optional) plugin that enables a bleed out system. When your health is below a certain threshold, you will begin to bleed and lose health over time. After reaching 1 HP, you will become "critical" and move very slowly. See "Additional Content" below for more information.

Improved gameplay

  • Full Survival Mode support (see NIGHTMARE Difficulty below). When Survival is enabled, additional mechanics are enforced to change up the gameplay.
  • Added various "clearing events" to certain maps. These are events where players must kill all enemies in the area before they can proceed. Mainly meant to cut back on rushing.
  • Supports cross-map inventory. This means your weapons and items will transition with you through level changes.
  • Maps include additional checkpoints and changes that improve the overall quality of life.
  • Supports player count-based weapon balancing. As more players join, weapons suffer an increasing damage penalty.
  • Nearly every known skip or speedrun shortcut has been patched to prevent rushing and trolling.
  • The David boss can now only shock you if you are standing on the ground during the Addiction boss fight


  • Fully supports w00tguy's Anti-Rush plugin


Classic Mode

"The key to unlocking the past lies with the five who are lost.."

The Classic 2005 AoM mod is included in this package. In the lobby map, you'll find a new section to the immediate right after spawning.
Just like Director's Cut, Classic has been updated to include persistent checkpoints, skip fixes, and has been rebalanced for co-op play. All weapons and enemies have been scripted to provide an authentic experience.

To start playing Classic, you need to input the special code. Everything you need to figure out the code is in the lobby map, so there is no need to play any endings.
As a hint, consider the way you determine the code for Ending 4 of Director's Cut.



In this series, Survival functions slightly differently than it does in most other Sven Co-op maps. I dub this "NIGHTMARE" difficulty.
When playing on NIGHTMARE difficulty, a few additional gameplay rules are enforced.
They are as follows:

  • Pills, ammo, and batteries do not respawn
  • Pills heal 20% less health
  • Batteries restore 20% less power (Director's Cut only)
  • Vests give 20% less armor (Classic only)
  • Weapons deal an additional 25% less damage (on top of PC weapon balancing)
  • Enemies deal 25% more damage
  • Enemies have 25% more health
  • There is a mandatory waiting time of 30 seconds at the beginning of each map to give players a chance to connect
  • If enabled, players will begin to bleed after dropping below a certain health threshold.

These rules apply to both Director's Cut and Classic AoM and begin enforcement upon reaching the hospital map in both campaigns.
The difficulty has been optimized for 4 players, but can always be played with more if desired.
It's also only recommended that you play on NIGHTMARE if you're already pretty experienced with the mod.

Try it out for an additional challenge!

Also, please note that the system is designed to have Survival mode set to Start On. As such, using a vote to enable/disable Survival will not instantly update the mechanics.

To play the maps on NIGHTMARE difficulty, download the additional package included in the Downloads section. You MUST install this on top of the main package for it to work correctly. There will be some conflicting files, but you can safely overwrite them.


Additional Content

The included plugins add an extra layer to the gameplay. These plugins are completely optional.
You can also safely install these on your server(s) without worrying about them affecting other maps. They are coded to ONLY work with the maps in this pack.

Director's Cut Flashlight

Enables the flashlight system from Director's Cut wherein the flashlight doesnt automatically recharge.
To recharge the battery, you must collect batteries found throughout the map. Use your flashlight wisely!
The battery positions are random and change locations each time the map loads.


I highly recommend this plugin for the most authentic experience possible.

To install, paste the following into your "default_plugins.txt", located in the "steamapps/common/Sven Co-op/svencoop/" directory:

        "name" "AoMDCFlashlight"
        "script" "AoMDCFlashlight"

Keep in mind that this plugin only works on DC maps.
In order for batteries to spawn, you NEED this plugin installed.

Bleed Out

This plugin enables a bleed out function where players begin to bleed after their health drops below a certain threshold:

  • Below 25 health: bleed for 1 health every 6 seconds, vision slightly impaired, movement speed slightly reduced
  • Below 15 health: bleed for 1 health every 3.5 seconds, vision slightly impaired, movement speed slightly reduced
  • When reaching 1 health: vision dramatically impaired, movement speed heavily reduced

To stop the bleeding, you must heal yourself above 25 health using pills.

To install, paste the following into your "default_plugins.txt", located in the "steamapps/common/Sven Co-op/svencoop/" directory:

        "name" "BleedOut"
        "script" "BleedOut"

This plugin is really designed to be used with NIGHTMARE Mode (see above). I recommend it for the most intense experience possible.
Keep in mind that this plugin also only works on AoM maps (Classic and DC).



For v6.0 (Zorbos' Custom Version) and higher:

  • Original mods by Andreas "ruMpel" Rönnberg and James "Minuit" Marchant
  • Map ripents by Zorbos
  • Angelscript programming by Zorbos. Special thanks to JonnyBoy0719 for his help with the Hammer script, and anggara_nothing for his help with the weapon drop code.
  • Lobby map by Zorbos
  • Flashlight plugin by Zorbos, with player state code used from w00tguy's Anti-Rush plugin.
  • BleedOut plugin by Zorbos & w00tguy123

For version 5.1 and earlier:

  • JonnyBoy0719 - Programing the weapons from AoM:DC in Angelscript
  • Sence - For the fixed map resource files

The rest of the content used in this conversion is the property of Andreas Rönnberg and James Marchant. I only take credit for the content I made to make this playable in co-op.


Known Issues

I welcome any feedback you're willing to give me, but before you post, please check here. Some of the issues present in the maps are things I can't do much about, and others have justified reasons behind them. You may have your concerns answered by checking here first.

Periodic crashing on Dedicated Servers

I don't really know what to say about this, other than that its independent of any external server mods like AMX or Metamod-P. Trust me, I have tested it over and over… and over and over again. My guess is that its something related to AngelScript as only maps that heavily employ scripts seem to have issues crashing.

The mirror cutscene on aomdc_4mother sometimes crashes the server

This is another one that has eluded me from the very beginning. Sometimes when David walks through the mirror, the game will seize up (only on Dedicated servers) and crash. I've attempted to narrow down the problem to a model issue, but it seems to do it sometimes even when I remove the David monster in the cutscene. So for now, I don't know how to fix this.

Players cannot drop ammo

This is because the weapons are AS scripted weapons, which for some reason you cannot drop ammo for. It's possible I just don't know how to implement it properly though. Please let me know if there is some way to make this work.

Director's Cut: Players cannot drop weapons

This is intentional. The way the weapon system works in DC is largely based around a gimmick and is very hackish. Basically, I had to recode a lot of functionality in relation to preventing spam and making sure ammo counts and stuff are persistent across weapon owners. Letting people drop weapons at will kinda messes this up so I disabled it. You will of course drop your gun if you die, or if you pick up another weapon in the same category. That means that's the only [B]real[/B] way to get rid of a weapon in DC. Since the original mod is like this anyway, I suppose you can view it as an authenticity thing.

Director's Cut Flashlight Plugin: The battery's power level fluctuates constantly

The flashlight plugin works based around a very hackish method. The reason I chose to do it this way was so that I could hook the functionality onto the default flashlight. This issue is very easily fixed by making a custom Angelscript command, but then I'd have to rely on people using the custom command over the regular flashlight, which is not guaranteed/viable.

Director's Cut Flashlight Plugin: The battery's power level resets each map change

Originally, I had intended for the plugin to bring your flashlight power up to a certain level if it was too low. The problem with this however is that I had to write code to track each player's flashlight level across the map change. This would result in the plugin being loaded onto the next map, even if the next map wasn't a DC level. Since I only want this plugin to be usable with Director's Cut, I had to remove that functionality. There's probably a way to get it to work, but I honestly haven't given it much thought. You get 60% flashlight power every map change anyway, and there are plenty of batteries (that respawn unless you're on NIGHTMARE), so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.



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