Alien Battle





Alien Battle

Author Ttam
Date of release Final - December 24, 1999
.bsp filename AlienBat


The map is based (very) loosely on the bit in Starship Troopers (the film) where the MI hold the base waiting for the dropship to land. There is only one type of monster (monster_alien_slave). This is because I like the way it thinks (???) - it runs away when in deep trouble, and generally looks intelligent! The map is set in a evening style environment, with lights in your base, and plenty of things to hide behind. There is also a 9mmAR turret located at the front of your base, which is about twice as powerful than the hand held weapons and can fire 360 degrees with it :)
The map itself was designed to play primarily on the internet, and so only 10 aliens respawn at any one time.
You start off with the 9mmAR gun with full bullets and without any grenades (they seem to scare the monsters making them stop firing at you and run off!). Additional bullets are found in your base. No health is provided, because I'm a nasty git and like people running out on a suicide run with 10 health :) You do start off with 100% armor though… No other weapons are supplied. If you don't like this - tough. but I only used the 9mmAR because that is the only weapon the starship Troopers MI seem to carry around (well, it fires some kind of bullet, and is dome sort of rifle!) ;)

Additional info

As the aliens keep respawning forever, you are unable to 'win'. However, you can get to a point that you kill the aliens as soon as they respawn, if you have enough players. It is more fun if you just stay in your base and shoot the aliens. If you almost run out of health, go on a suicide run, its quite fun :)

Additional credits

Erazor for helping to playtest the map and supporting me throughout (Its cool, its still cool, its cool…etc). Also, thanks to the sven-coop team for making this map possible on multiplayer. Er…, myself for playtesting the map and of course making it, but I shouldn't really put my name in this section because its pasted at the start of this document. Still… ;) And a thanks to you lot for playing/going to play the map. And also thanks to the smiley :) for presenting my emotions in such a brilliant way.


If you are going to use any object or whatever from my map, you may only do so if you ask me first, and also put my name in the credits. You may in no way sell this map to anyone, or at least give me some of the profit (as if anyone would steal this pile of junk). This readme must be included with the bsp file, unless if downloaded using the "Half-Life autodownload from server" feature.

Name of map - Alien Battle (v1.0)
Author - Ttam (matthew.hall [at]
Type of map - Cooperative (although is works in SP and DM)
Recommended players - 1-4 people (can support about 6)


Typical r_speed - 482

AMD-K6 366MHz 3D-Now! processor
128.00 MB RAM
Rage Pro 8MB
Windows 98
DirectX 7.0

qcsg - 4 seconds
qbsp2 - 5 seconds
qrad - 262 seconds
vis - 22 seconds
TOTAL - 293 seconds


- Map made. This includes one turret, a background of battlefield noises, 10 aliens max and one weapon (9mmAR).

FUTURE UPDATES (If I have the time)
- Make the rock walls look like rock walls instead of just brick walls painted like rocks :)
- Make the map longer, so you can actually advance into alien territory.
- Maybe add a few different weapons to the level (shotgun anyone?).
- Maybe use different types of monsters.


1999 difficulty:easy horde rcbot size:small

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