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Alpha Unit

Author Hichem Bourai
Conversion Garompa
Date of release Final - January 15, 2012
Date of conversion v1 - August 11, 2023
.bsp filename aunit_1, aunit_2, aunit_3, aunit_4, aunit_5


After the events of surface-ex-tension-2:extended-resistance your team must now extract Dr. Eli Vance to safety. The Alpha Unit is gathering at an outpost to launch a search and rescue mission into the Black Mesa Anomalous Materials Lab Test Chamber and you must join them as the spearhead of the operation immediately.
Guided by Dr. Vance, you'll have to rescue any survivors at the Test Chamber, and recover the unstable Xen crystal sample.

Additional info

Conversion of the half-life mod The Alpha Unit. This was done as an unofficial followup to surface-ex-tension-2:extended-resistance
This old mod contained an absolute astounding amount of broken or rotated textures, alongside many other issues, as if the mapper had decompiled the entire series. (all fixed now).
Lighting on textures was also broken due to this. Maps were merged from 16 to 5 maps. And lighting was fixed.
Much of the npc scripted sequences were removed alongside the constant presence of an entire squad of NPCs blocking the way. This was toned down to the max.
The npc dialogue was changed or stripped (most was unintelligible and all npcs had the same voice acting). NPCs now have different voices. The story was not changed much but custom content has been added.
A lot of things were changed to make the maps harder, such as added enemies, puzzles, items to collect, and the story was tweaked to be more interesting and understandable.

Additional credits

Extra credits:

  • Thanks to the community members and devs represented as npcs: Sniper, SV BOY, De Pleur, Toyotafankk, Daynja, Alex Corruptor, Kupo, Jangaard

Known bugs

  • Mapping in the last map was so broken and so bad, that the difference in the map geometry and lighting may lead to ugly popping through map transition seamless teleports. I did what I could by fixing textures and adding smoke effects so it is not that noticeable. I also had to resurrect several missing brush models from the original maps from half-life, but I had to use the HL Comando co1b.bsp because of clipnode limits reasons
  • The last boss is not using any script, its a custom model replacement for the alien slave with func_breakables, and as such its a bit buggy and projectiles might pass through in certain areas



2012 2023 black-mesa boss conversion difficulty:medium featured size:large

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