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Author Mad Jonesy
Date of release July 1, 2000
.bsp filename helebat3


Fight and kill the Apache numerous times. This map features a large and impressive canyon also, which makes the hunting all that more difficult.
Also, a rocket turret is featured, think of this, as a quick killer, 2 or 3 rockets should take it down with ease. Note: This map, unlike the Helebat 1, supports helicopter respawning that actually works.

Additional info

  • 3 - 6 recommended, less than that will result in you becoming quick Apache chow


  • The glass wall in the equipment room, can be shot through slightly by the Apache, but will not break, anyone say 'distraction'? But make sure you stand back a bit.
  • Don't look up while shooting and chasing the Apache near the canyon.
  • Hmm, this strategy requires at least two people, and three to be safe, the marines in the tunnel re-spawn facing the same direction, if they could be killed, someone could sit in the tunnel behind them with a shotgun waiting for them to re-spawn. That's one problem solved.
  • Those areas where I have 'forgot' to put a ladder (i.e. in the hidden basement bunker) require 2 players, if you haven't worked this out yet, there is little hope. One player needs to crouch and the other jumps on his head. The first player stands up, and the other should be able to jump up and grab the goodies, which trust me, help a lot in this map.
  • When in doubt, hide.

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2000 creepsworld-top50 horde official official-screlease size:small

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