Arctic Incident





Arctic Incident

Author XF-Alien
Date of release Not yet released (Q1/2021)
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The campaign takes place in a scientific complex, which is located somewhere in the Arctic.

In the caves, scientists have found a new form of life, which is resistant to frost and incredibly aggressive to intrusion.

The staff at the complex do not have sufficient means to counter it.

As a consequence they are forced to ask for help from the military, but the military, apparently, have their own plans for the incident.

Additional info

This is a conversion of the original Half-Life mod ported to Sven Co-op. Several things had to be modified for a suitable game play under Sven Co-op. Especially the snow weather effect entity (env_snow) have been completely re-developed for Sven Co-op.

Additional credits

  • HL1 AI Author and Creator: XF-Alien
  • HL1 Remod Author: ZikShadow
  • Sven Co-op Conversion: Neo (Neo Game Development Network)
  • Sven Co-op Mapping support: Admer456, Sparks, …

Special thanks

  • XF-Alien: For the original HL1 map source files and the permission for the mod conversion.
  • w00tguy: For the SC snow technic demo prototype.
  • H2whoa: For the special crouch spawn script.




2020 arctic conversion series snow survival unreleased walkthrough winter work-in-progress

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