Area49 2





Area49 2

Author Leon, ported by Meryilla
Date of release Final - 2004(?)
.bsp filename area49_2_r



By (<@>) Leon


Nevada, June 2011

They were just rumours in the news. I didn't take them seriously at first,
just the media milking things I suppose. I didn't really believe any of it.
I mean, secret bio-weapons production facilities, here in the land of the
free? It's bizarre. Well, I thought I could forget all about politics for
the time being; after all it was supposed to be my vacation and whatever the
area49 thing is, its going to be far away from me.

How wrong I was.


Work as a team to overcome the obstacles that lie in your path to escaping.
The map is most fun with a team of about four to eight players, one of which
should be elected as 'leader' to instruct the rest of the group.



Three or more players
Good teamwork and co-operation skills
Voice communication is recommended
If you haven't many players, strafe jumping is necessary at some parts.

Entity Bug:

Entity bug fix points are located at the two main spawn areas on the walls.
These fix points are only visible if you have the entity bug and are clearly
marked with a notice and a button.

Additional info

Originally an escape map for TFC.

Differences to the original:

  • Massively reduced the HP of some of the breakables (nobody should be forced to crowbar down a crate with 10k HP).
  • During the heli fight the spawns now follow the position of the jeeps as they move
  • The intro scene is now skippable.
  • Survival Mode (difficult and not recommended for your first playthrough)!
  • The more prevalent music has been replaced with HD sources.
  • Some adjustments have been made to the weapon spawns to make it more suitable for a Sven experience.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Meryilla
Thanks to the following players for testing the port - Adambean, grunt, Jackie Chan, Jets, menhera, stahp, and Zorik.
Additional thanks to Adambean for helping me improve the spawns during heli fight, providing HD replacements for some of the music, and for other suggestions.



2004 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard puzzle size:large survival tfc walkthrough

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