Argentina Series





Argentina Series

Author giselachar20
Date of release Final version - July 17, 2017
Series 4 - March 30, 2017
Series 3 - December 28, 2016
Series 2 - December 11, 2016
Series 1 - October 26, 2016
.bsp filenames sc_argentina_series, sc_argentina_series2, sc_argentina_series3, sc_argentina_series4, sc_argentina_series4b, sc_argentina_series4c, sc_argentina_series5, sc_argentina_series5b


Map based on Argentina, it has a storyline, contains famous things like "Macri gato" "CFK" "AFA".

«««««< LA CAMPORA »»»»»»»>
Eres un recien inscripto a la militancia de la campora, luego de los ajustes de Macri, te ves forzado a militar por Cristina.
La organizacion te envia a misiones peligrosas, pero vas descubriendo la verdad… Cristina no es tan buena como parece…

Additional info

- 5 mapas.
- Algunos sonidos son fuertes.

Lnk del discord de la comunidad argentina de sven coop (i dont know if we can post a link to a discord. Delete it please if it brokes a rule)

Additional credits

Models: Nahuel
Betatesting: Darkness
Voice acting: Batidillo y loquendo.
Otros: Duster.
Externos: Diversos mappers ¡Gracias!

Ademas a:
Hezus por su gran pack de Rmf. (Muchas partes inspiradas y retocadas de este pack)
FReeMaN791 (A el le debo la estructura de los 2 primeros mapas, ¡Gracias!)

Credits to the Sven Coop community for helping all the mapers to make maps easily. Also thanks to some mappers that created some prefabs that i used on the map. (I dont know the authors.)




2016 2017 boss difficulty:medium escape func_vehicle series size:large walkthrough

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