Author w00tguy123
Date of release Beta 2 - December 23, 2011
.bsp filename sc_automap_beta2



This is a map that maps itself. The "path builder" chooses random paths and places them one after another, filled with random enemies and items. Random paths include turns, upward slopes and cliffs, water tunnels all with random walls, ceilings, floors and props. The result is a somewhat monotonous cave walkthrough map, but one that is never the same!

Weapons are dished out randomly, but balanced so that no one set of weapons is much more powerful than another. Dead players are placed in a room with a progress camera and a trail of boredom that they'll likely never be able to finish.


The difficulty is automatically set based on the amount of players. It should be hard for most groups, so working together is key!


You have 2 minutes to get from one safe area to another (epic music and earthquakes happen when you're running out of time). You must defeat all enemies before the safety lock on the door is released. The amount of vertical distance traveled depends on how many upward slopes or cliffs you climbed on the way, you might reach the surface in a couple of levels, or it may take a dozen runs.

Once you travel 50 meters upwards, you reach the boss area. if you are able to defeat the random boss, then a portal opens up and everyone gets sucked in! (that's a good thing).

Additional Info

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes the game thinks everyone died game after voting to restart the game
  • The path maker isn't perfect, and relies on some sketchy ent systems, so it might skip a path or build crazy crap from time to time. This usually isn't a problem if the server is running smoothly.
  • I've heard that players sometimes don't get all of 4 categories of weapons at the start. Idk how to fix that.
  • The progress camera occasionally causes the game to crash, no idea why.

Will it ever be "Final"?

This map probably won't. I finished this last summer and abandoned it, then i realized i abandoned it and so I released it here. SC 4.6 is coming out soon so I'll probably just make a completely new map like this instead (this one has a crap load of complex entities that I'd rather not touch ever again).

Additional credits

MGS2 Main Theme - Harry Gregson-Williams (time1.mp3)
Requiem for a dream - Clint Mansell (time2.mp3)
Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis - Trivium (time3.mp3)
Gravitational Push - ChaosDragon004 (time4.ogg, thanks CryoKeen)
Titan Attack Zone - Sonic Librarian Music (time5.ogg)

Nightwatch team
w00tguy123 (except for xen_rock, that's a NW recolor)

the sound drone3.wav is by someone else, but idk who…


-Fixed chaos caused by the SC 4.7 update.


2011 abandoned fun losable size:medium walkthrough xen

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