Autonomy Lost





Autonomy Lost

Author Forsete, also known as Thobias Fast
Conversion Zorik
Date of release Final - February 10, 2018
Date of conversion v1 - February 24, 2023
.bsp filename autonomy_lost1, autonomy_lost2, autonomy_lost3, autonomy_lost4, autonomy_lost5

Original README

The sequel to "Hunt The Cunt" (abbreviated as "HTC" for the politically correct crowd) sees our heroine Jane Doe continuing her adventure in the Half-Life universe.

This is set directly after the events of "HTC" so it is recommended that you play that before continuing with this.

Additional info

This map was recompiled from sources and geometry was slightly modified with hint brushes, which increased performance 2-4 times over original. Modified sources are available in download section.
From original readme:

Base                    : Everything from scratch
Build Time              : Roughly 8 months
Editor(s) used          : J.A.C.K 1.1
Known Bugs              : Didn't run into anything serious.

* Copyright / Permissions *
I don't care as long as you credit me appropriately for the maps. And of course don't make money off of
it... kthxbye.

Additional credits

  • Sven Co-op conversion testing: sung1+;
  • Nathan Grigg for the F.E.A.R. soundtrack;
  • Naoshi Mizuta for the Parasite Eve II soundtrack;
  • Rik Schaffer for the Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines soundtrack;
  • Starsky Partridge & Kevin Riepl for the Unreal Tournament 2003 soundtrack;
  • Kikiyama for the Yume Nikki soundtrack;
  • Kanushiyo for the modified CSO female hand models;
  • Nexon for the original CSO female hand models;
  • Ashley Eddy as Jane Doe:;
  • Converge for the main menu background art;
  • Meshuggah for inspiration and stolen quotes;
  • Mindmotor.Studios for the Poke646 textures;
  • The entire Nightwatch team for their textures and also for ripping one section seen from their cancelled mod into this mod… see if you can find it!

Nightwatch Team: Adam Foster, Henning Horstmann, Mohammad Alavi, Tomislav Spejic, Tom DiLazaro, Cayle George, Randy Reddig and Kevin Roberts.


Original (repack):



2018 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough

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