Aliens vs. Players





Aliens vs. Players

Author amckern
Date of release v3 - February 2005
v2 - 2004
v1 - 2003
.bsp filename sc_avp* (10 maps)


After being cut off from the rest of the world, your commander has ordered you to get to, and kill, the empress alien, the story gets deeper at each MOTD.

There is a ripent version floating around that makes the 3rd map arena much more an arena, you CAN NOT Download this as a map, as its a server side mod.

Additional info

1-4 players recommended - more makes it much too easy

sc_avp2 is an updated version of sc_max. Original story for sc_max:
You're inserted into a new level in Max Payne to fight the Half-Life grunts acting as NYPD and thugs.

Additional credits

Thanks have to go out to the SC Community for the support - and you the player for getting this map. Also, and of course, to the Sven Co-op team for making the mod :)

These people I want to pay a personal thanks to
JJ45 - For his boss monster ideas - if you need one, ask him
BMTWig - Wise words, big man - Just one awesome Forums admin
Goanna - For Putting the set on your sever, hosting, and pushing me to go on, with supper comments
ClanBBB - For Hosting
DralTheImplar - For his mirc AusNS Chats
XP-Cagey - for fixing the bug, in p13, that was causing leeks in sc_avp10, and the p15 tools with in built planes optimasition
Svensluts - With out Mazzda, some long term issues would not have been fixed - Big thanks to the play test in update3
All the members of the Ex {KOAR} Clan, Big Thanks to GC - and Juggers' Little Brother for getting addicted to the set :D

Stixsmaster repacked it into a zip and provided proper .res files


Garompa's edit:

enuze's edit:


2003 community-edit rcbot series size:large walkthrough

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