Ayakashi Banquet





Ayakashi Banquet

Author nekomata
Date of release v1.3 - June 13, 2007
.bsp filename ayakashi_banquet


When you going to reach the temple, You'll know.

Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Jiniwa !! It's Nekomata like every time. This Map is based on the reflection points of the previous work halflifuro. It's a map that you can do whatever you want.
SC has quite Japanese-style maps such as rhapsody_b1_1, sc_dojo_v2, bh1_l1. Personally, I'm Nijia !! Saam Laa'i !! Sussie !! I made it as "Let's make such a Japanese-style map !!" I would be very happy if you could enjoy it.

Additional info

  • Your physical strength will recover when you approach the three waters on the map. Also, there are plenty of ammo.
  • Youkai cannot pass under the first torii gate near the starting point. That torii is the borderline of youkai, and after that, the youkai will not be able to exert their full power. Attempts to ambush above the torii gate. If the number of people is small and it is difficult to clear it, it may be good to invite them to the torii gate and fight.
  • When you go to a place like the last shrine and finish the map, it is at the entrance of the shrine Please push two stone lanterns at the same time.

Additional credits

  • Borrowed music

E4E: Daikatana
ask-furinkazan-: http://sound.jp/silver-technology/
lastbattle: http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~mahogany/

  • Texture borrowing

Tatami: rhapsody_b1_1
Shrine, Chozuya, etc .: sc_dojo_v2

  • Model borrowing

hungerslavehell.mdl: hellmouth
AkimboAR: Half-life 1.5 Weapon Edition
Others: Source unknown

Thanks For All Artists !!

  • GAMESABA (fixed end triggers on his ripent)

Frequently asked questions

Q: The two-handed assault rifle has become a normal Uzi !!
A: If you increase the number of bullets, it will return to normal Uzi. It seems to be a bug on the SC side. As a symptomatic treatment, ammo is prepared as much as this.

Q: When I try to use only one two-handed AR, it becomes a normal Uzi !!
A: There is only one Uzi in the foreground in the car at the starting point. Akimbo Uzi is in the back. This is also a bug in SC, and even if the model of Akimbo Uzi is changed on the Map side, only one model will not change. Therefore, it would be nice to take the symptomatic treatment again from the person at the back of the loading platform to the person at the back.

Q: Shit !! I can't shoot Nyanko-sama !!
A: DOOM I'm sorry (´ ・ ω ・ `) Because of the setting, it is a youkai, so the attack is not so effective. Please note that the last is a golden smile and a happy feeling.

Q: Movies and conversation scenes are long.
A: Because I wanted to do it. It can not be helped. Nekomata

Q: Do you have Miketama unnie?
A: Yes



2007 boss community-edit difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough

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