Author Captain Scarlet
Date of release V1.1 - 2021 September 28
.bsp filename bbqwittehbear_1_1


You work at a local zoo, Covid has hit and no-one can come to the Zoo.
The Zoo has attempted and failed at internet tours and faces ruin.
Your star attraction Biba and star helper is sad.
How will the Zoo team overcome this dreadful time?

Additional info

This is my first map which I started to pass time during lockdown, it contains very rough elements and FYI the Biba is a player who uses partybear from the TWLZ server.
It is designed for servers promoting custom content such as player models (Using the model partybear is and player name of Biba is recommended if you want to RP being the bear.).

To Do

Create staff models for Argoose and security guard
Resolve van reset affects all 3 vans where it should be resetting just a single van when they fall through the map.
Make a use for the loading area at the back and roof of store.
Add Traffic
Possibly extend road from the roundabout next to Greggs

Additional credits

WFLT and Half Life Improvement Team for the original idea
Necra for Biba original model and mapping help
Hlomida for Boots model and modelling help
Gauna for Biba mdl Conversion, modelling help and The Manager Skin
Pi:3 for the Biba Trap, Williz for Argoose name
Speß for mapping and modelling help
Santa Fox for Pleasing taste, some monsterism tag
Captain Foxer, Aëtius and [REDACTED] for Fish Food Counter
Captain Foxer, Necra, Pi;3, Yopta, Santa Fox (Many other Twlzers) for testing
incognico for help on file naming standards and finding numerous bugs
w00tguy for the BSPGuy tool (Enabled me to test fixes in minutes rather than recompiling)
Twilight Zone SC Server for Autism, ideas and testing (At least 10 beta's tested)
Mad Chippy Dancing by £200 in dogecoin
Yopta for finding image used by WFLT for BBQWITTEHBEAR
Casual Funny Track and Aspire (HumbleBundle Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate)
Trainwreck of Electro Swing
tunac reporting missing files (Skybox and fire sounds) which I had thought was in the base game
Sven Co-op Team and Discord
Dimbeak, Chaos7040, Sparks and The303 - Tutorials
Idiots in the UK for inspiration for this map
Artwork used for the intro and outro: 1 2 3 4
Gumby for the Toaster Prefab

Wads: country, full-quality-woods, sunny-woods, building



2021 difficulty:easy walkthrough

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