Author Zorbos
Date of release Beta - 2007
.bsp filename betrayed_beta


"They'll come and save us, they'll come…" That's all you and your team thought for awhile… until it happened. The Marines finally came to bust you out of Black Mesa, but after they lead you up to the surface, they turned on you and killed every scientist in sight, except you. You ran and ran until you finally lost them. Even then you kept going and eventually, you came to the Lambda Core research facility. The military is using the teleportation system within the facility to transport weapons and men to different areas of Black Mesa. However, as they are doing this, they are allowing xenoform from the border world, Xen, to enter a dimensional rift that is taking them to Earth. Seeking revenge, you plan to foil the Military's operation by infiltrating the Lambda Core and setting a high explosive charge to blow the marines, aliens, and the entire facility to hell, but hopefully not yourself.

Fight, Live, Kill, Destroy.
Don't look back

Additional info

  • Full Detail Texture support
  • Two fullsize maps
  • Best for 3-8 players
  • Puzzles may require an additional 1-2 players to complete

Originally called betrayed_demo, and now for some reason called betrayed_beta, the author never finished even the first map so all the additional info above is not entirely true. This demo consists of only one map and its all we got. Back in the days of the SC forums someone (perhaps the author himself) decided to ripent the demo map to add an ending and that was it. Today kalo22 remade that ripent to beyond 100% fidelity. Try it!

Additional credits

  • Thanks to alex546 for the detail textures!


kalo22's edit & fix:



2007 abandoned community-edit size:medium walkthrough

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