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Author Mutant
Date of release v1 - December 25, 2011
.bsp filename BlackMesaEPF


You glance nervously around the lab, and then at the portal. This wasn't like you - you always dive into these situations. As a member of the Sven Co-op team, you were used to dangerous situations in new territories. This was based on home soil, at the Black Mesa labs. The reports received back however, were enough to make your blood run cold. There was something different about this mission.. Something, foreboding.

A while ago a group of scientists had contacted the agency asking for assistance to escape the facility. Reportedly a portal to another world had been opened, and creatures had poured through, killing the security teams and scientists, and turning many into zombified monsters. The U.S. Military had also intervened, but only to fight back the invasion, and permanently silence any that were witness to it.

The potential reward was massive - the scientists were willing to give access to thousands of documents of top secret research that had been conducted at Black Mesa. Technologies such as powerful weapons and portal technology - it would have given a huge edge to the agencies' combative abilities - and the price they could levy on their services. But the first two soldiers through the portal never came back. Their deaths were sudden and shocking. Transmitted over the radio, their screams and cries were a sure warning for any considering following them through.

And yet here you were. The portal flickering and pulsing like a fire of hell, floating in front of you. The Commander had ordered all soldiers to embark on this mission. The risks were high but the rewards worth it. Your mouth dry, you think of the consequences if it all goes wrong.

"Get in." Comes the voice from the Commander, safe behind his bullet proof glass. You swallow, take a mental dose of courage, and step into the portal, as everything turns to blackness…


» Cleanse Black Mesa Sector EPF of the alien and military forces.

» Forge an escape route to the surface.


2011 black-mesa escape non-linear official official-screlease rcbot size:medium survival svencoop4 svencoop5 walkthrough

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