Black Mesa: Getaway





Black Mesa: Getaway

Author Vector-T
Date of release November 27, 2019 - Early Beta
December 18, 2019 - Hotfix
.bsp filename bmg-a1_getaway


Featuring procedural co-operative campaign with Black Mesa theme, suitable for 2-8 players.
Survive and push to evacuate Black Mesa Research Facility in a brand new sectors, plus difficulty system with diverse changes to each difficulty.

Run for your life.
Think fast and smart.
Shoot anyone who tries to kill you.
Live dangerously.

Media Update

It's time. Start the evaluation!
I am proud to announce that my very first ever map (that went public) is now available in early beta state!
Unfortunately, I have promised to release 2 maps to begin, however I wanted to share it immediately so I can gather any problems and feedback from everyone.


Here are several things to keep in mind about the 1st map I have released:

  • Getaway is a BM-themed co-operative campaign which uses class system, you can choose to be a scientist or a security guard.
  • The goal of this map to ensure the campaign have balanced pace by attempting to create obstacles via puzzle or bringing in the enemies.
  • Player choose a difficulty first before starting, survival mode can be enabled which will activate after selecting a difficulty. Each difficulty have their own changes to the map setting.
  • Make every shots count, don't expect you're armed-to-the-teeth. Items and ammo can be found throughout the facility, but don't expect they will respawn back again.
  • Yes, you can play solo. If there's someplace you can't reach, find something :)

Known Issues:

  • Map not yet tested on lower-end machines, there may be performance drops throughout the map.
  • Some NPCs may not acting accordingly to plan.
  • Weird fog colour in alien aquarium, Im still looking into it..

If you do found a problem throughout the map, please report it immediately.

Future Plans

Currently fixing 1st map and working on 2nd map.

Additional credits

Concept Art - FirstTrouble, Lone Survivor
Playtest - FirstTrouble, Lone Survivor, PICNICK, PixelCherries
Sounds - Vector-T, Valve
Music - PixelCherries
Models - Nekronaium, CryoDragon
Textures - Vector-T, Nightwatch team

Special thanks to SC team & community, Trempler for compile setup.



2019 abandoned black-mesa size:large walkthrough

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