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Bomberman Battles

Author Meryilla
Date of release January 1st, 2023
.bsp filename bmanbattles


Bomberman Battles… in Sven Co-op!
Up to 16 players battle each other in this Bomberman style mini-game. Place bombs, destroy blocks, collect power-ups, and blow up your friends!

QRD on how to play:

- Press the "USE" key to place a bomb on the tile you are on. Bombs remain non-solid until the tile is clear of players.
- Destroy the crates to advance through the arena and to collect power-ups.
- Kill the other players! The round winner is the last man standing. Points also allocated to 2nd and 3rd places.

There are either 5 or 10 rounds in total, determined by a vote at map start. The map does not currently support >16 players.

Winning a round gives you 100 points, 50 and 25 points are allocated to 2nd and 3rd place respectively. In a draw the last 3 survivors only get 25 points apiece in order to discourage playing for draws. Once all rounds have been played the winners are announced!


- Bomb: Allows you place an extra bomb, up to a maximum of 3 at once.
- Fire: Extends range of bombs by 1, up to a maximum range of 3 tiles.
- Heart: Increases your health, allowing you to survive 1 bomb blast.
- Roller Skate: Increase speed.
- Kick: Shoves bombs you touch in the direction you are moving in.
- Pierce: Bombs can pierce through crates.
- FullFire: Players can place a one-time use bomb using the RELOAD key, which has max range.
- Skull: Recieve a random disease.

Diseases last until you either die, pick up another powerup, or touch another player (which transfers the disease to them).

Current diseases:

- Slow: Makes you slow as fuck.
- Fast: Makes you extremely fast (not as useful as it sounds!).
- Constipated: Cannot place bombs.
- Weak bombs: Reduces bomb range to 1.
- Diarrhea: Automatically places a bomb on every tile you walk on.

Server Operators

If you are installing this onto your own server please read the below information.


This map was tested without any Anti-Block plugins and was designed around the idea that players would be able to block players. If you are using any Anti-Block plugins I would strongly recommend you add this map to the exclusion list for said plugin. To do this:

1. Add the below to your server.cfg

plugin_list_file_persistent 0

2. Add a maps_excluded parameter under the anti block plugin and add the map name as a value, e.g:

         "name" "AntiBlock"
         "script" "AntiBlock"
         "maps_excluded" "bmanbattles"

If you insist on running any Anti-Block plugins for this map I cannot guarantee the gameplay will function correctly.

This map will almost certainly not work correctly with any XP related mods installed.


The map comes with a "AntiCancer" system which will either prevent players from playing or forcibly change their model if they are using certain obnoxious troll models (e.g. meatwall). To disable it, edit in scripts/maps and change blAntiCancerEnabled to false:

const bool blAntiCancerEnabled = false;

Additional info

Whilst the current version is playable there is still more I'd like to add in the future, such as:

  1. Up to 32 player support
  2. Arena randomisation
  3. More power-ups
  4. Bonus/fun rounds

Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Additional credits

Map and Script by Meryilla
Loosely based off Byblo's BMan map for Zombie Master
Textures by Byblo and Meryilla
Explosion Sprites by R.C.
Music from Super Bomberman 2
Thanks to the Chan Co-op community for help with testing (too many names to remember and write here, sorry!)



2023 fun pvp size:small

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