Bridge The Gap





Bridge The Gap

Author UrbaNebula
Original release 2020
release 2021
2 bsp files bridge_the_gap, bridgethegap

original map and 2.0 rework.
this maps works with anti rush that are disabled by default. to enable it go to the map script and change the false for true
const bool blAntiRushEnable = false;
also this come with a dynamic enemy spawners that will spawn randomly monsters on the map that depends how many players joins on the first 40 seconds of the map load

Conversion: Mikk
Special thanks to Outerbeast and Cubemath for scripts

original files

about the mod.
Those pesky HECU boys are at it again. Just look at what they've gone and done this time.
Lowering the bridge leading to the surface elevator and then sealing off the control room.
Even worse than that, this part of the facilty is crawling with Xenians and their ongoing dispute with…
the Black Mesa Science Team over how dead they should be doesn't appear to be easing off at all!


2020 anti-rush black-mesa size:medium survival

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