Broken Path





Broken Path

Author The-Real-Game
Date of release Beta 1 - May 3, 2003
.bsp filename brokenpath


Time of transmission : Lambda incident + 4 Hours
It appears the happens elsewhere in the Black Mesa facility have led to massive structural damage in this area. The number of fatalities is rumoured to be 400 at the last count. It is vital you do everything in your power to escape from this area alive, as we need all the manpower we can get to try and hold off the mass of xen life forms present in the upper lab areas.

You will need to make use of all available resources in this area, you are currently armed with pipe wrenches, Shotguns and a small sidearm in the form of a glock. Various supplies including health kits and shotgun shells will be found around the bodies of employees who have not been as fortunate as you.

Be prepared for encounters with many xen creatures. They now appear to be teleporting into the Black Mesa Facility at an astounding rate, and they now appear to be fighting in squads. Also there may be some of the highly trained and equally deadly Black Operatives active in the area.

Additional info

Originally this was destined to be level one of the 3 part Zero series. However after alot of testing it was decided it didn't really fit in.

Map Title: Broken Path (beta1)
BSP Name: brokenpath (03/05/03)
Archive Name: brokenpath.7z
Additional Textures: brokenpath.wad

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2003 black-mesa size:medium walkthrough

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