Author Halgmor
Date of release Version 2 - October 22, 2012
.bsp filename hlg_bunker


Map revised, improved, and edited by Halgmor.

Bunker map: You, 4 grunts, 1 medic, and friends against oncoming hordes of enemy grunts. At your disposal you have:
- Three mortars
- Fully equipped bunker
- Two mounted machine guns: One on the roof, another inside.
- Requestable reinforcements.
- Vast arsenal of weapons with ammunition.
- Secret place: The Room.
- Requestable artillery.
- Open/close bunker windows.
- Sealable blast door.
- Your OWN BUNKER! OMFG!!1!one!012!!!
- And more!

Used basis for map from another a long time ago. Forgot the name, credits to the original maker (Riley) nevertheless. I think the previous map's name was The Defence.

Improvements from the previous map:
- No more using shuttle and waiting ages for the teleporter to ready itself.
- No more failed jumps from the shuttle into a black abyss of death by accident (which was extremely frustrating and the main reason I made this version of the map).
- Spawn directly behind the bunker with two walls of sandbags on either side.
- Every type of weapon and abundant ammunition as compared to the few selection of weapons from the previous version (One ultimate weapon is hidden in The Room, note to the left of the "oxy" meter behind spawn". Destroy that.)
- No more gargantua spawning that tends to get you killed even inside the bunker
- No more aliens, now you have enemy grunts and robots.
- Allied grunts and medic inside the bunker have a higher HP and, if I remember correctly, now respawn after death.
- Fixed artillery shelling area.
- Now you can call in artillery from inside the bunker rather than perched tower high over the tower - was pretty damn risky and buggy.
- And there are more things that I forgot to mention as I had made this map a few years ago and just now decided to upload it.

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Riley for inspiration and base.




2012 defense horde size:small

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