Author Cayle George
Date of release 2017
.bsp filename caged_intro.bsp

Porting ak47toh
Models Fix Malter
Porting Idea Venuska1117


Welcome to CAGED!
Be ready for your scheduled termination!


This file content all necessary stuffs like basic map files, textures, models etc.
All credits go for ak47toh for porting and fixing issues with CAGED files
Thank you Malter for fixing 3rd person models for CAGED

Update Informations from 16.02.2022.

We read reviews of C.A.G.E.D. campaign, and we decided that we do big updates fixing some issues and wrote some problems below:

  • C.A.G.E.D. is meant to play at survival mode, therefore we strongly recommend players to turn on Survival mode to avoid annoying spawnkills.
  • Checkpoints are added at Survival mode.
  • Fixed caged_02.bsp where the first grunt will spot you and attack before touching trigger.
  • Fixed all achivements broken using env_global when changing maps.
  • Fixed some hgrunt path finding issue, where hgrunt can fall from high places, like cell block or guard towers.
  • Merged caged_02.bsp and caged_02b.bsp to become one map: caged_02.bsp.
  • Changed second Helicopter path to use first helicopter path for more challenging purposes.
  • Fixed caged_bonus.bsp map where players no longer sees entities and objects disappear when first person went into Judgment Chamber.
  • Fixed models folder paths.
  • Fixed boxes at caged_01.bsp sometimes unable to go up after flooding the water.


2017 2021 conversion difficulty:easy escape playable-solo prison secrets size:large survival walkthrough

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