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Canyondoom 4

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Author Tuesday's Avenger
Date of release First Release - February 7, 2012
.bsp filename canyondoom4

Caveat Emptor

First things first - Some important items of note:

  1. This map is INEFFICIENT. It consists of a massive single area, highly unoptimized brushwork, and is filled with a huge horde of monsters. This map is only recommended for LAN play and hosting it online may cause crashes and reliable channel overflow errors for clients.
  2. This map contains INSIDE JOKES AND REFERENCES. As if the map isn't confusing enough, it contains a number of small things (monster names, text pop-ups, etc.) which are aimed at the group of friends for which the Canyondoom series was originally made. It shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the map - the horrible difficulty should have that covered - but hopefully this fair warning prevents you from wasting too much time trying to decipher some of the stranger things in the map.
  3. This map is DIFFICULT. All of the maps in the Canyondoom series are built to be difficult, usually requiring a team of 8-15 players several attempts before they develop a successful plan - which unlocks to grab first, which enemies are most important to clear, and how best to reach the end before the time limit.

Right, so for those 10% of you who haven't clicked the 'back' button on your browser yet, let's continue.


The fourth installment of the Canyondoom series, an ongoing run of maps made for Local Network play for a personal group of friends, remains as straightforward as its predecessors:

Your only goal is to cross the map and press a button.

That's all you have to do to win. Simple enough right? Well, here's the problem -

An army of enemies stand in the way, you only have a pistol and crowbar, and in 15 minutes you're all dead.

Fortunately, there are a number of assets available to you as you battle your way forward:

Green Unlocks
Taking the form of glowing green cubes, Green Unlocks are scattered throughout the battlefield, and will serve as your primary goals aside from reaching the final tower itself. Green Unlocks will always activate a new upgrade back in the spawning area; typically this will be a new weapon or item. Unlocks are activated by reaching them and pressing the 'use' key - a sound will play, and in some cases they display a descriptive message in the lower right of the screen.

Blue Unlocks
Blue Unlocks are more rare than their green counterparts, but operate in a similar fashion. Blue Unlocks affect objects within the map, and they are typically found adjacent to whatever they trigger. Blue Unlocks in Canyondoom 4 are almost exclusively used to disable an enemy installation; they play a sound when activated, and will always display a descriptive message in the lower right of the screen.

The Red Unlock
There is but one Red Unlock cube in Canyondoom - and it can be found at the top of the final enemy tower. Activating it wins the map.

NPC Allies
Within the cockpit of the spawn Dropship, a pair of radios are located to the left and right. Activating these with the use key will deploy one squad of friendly grunts into the backfield, each equipped with a number of marines, a medic, and an RPG grunt. Once each radio has been used, it is depleted; choose when to use your support forces wisely.

Dropship Turret
The central control panel in the Dropship cockpit controls the overhead turret; one player may operate the powerful cannon from within the safety of the ship. While its usefulness declines as the fighting moves beyond the map's central river, it's ability to clear out enemy nests with impunity is a powerful early game tool.

Additional info

  • Remember that you have unlimited lives, but limited time. You will die very often in Canyondoom - it is far more important to continue to push forward and pressure the enemy than it is to save your own skin.
  • Beware the JUNGLEBEAST! The Junglebeast is a massive living wrecking ball, a fearsome native jungle creature which has been enslaved by the enemy forces. (It may look oddly familiar to those who have played Mega Monster Massacre…) The JUNGLEBEAST will slay any player with a single blow, and moves with terrifying speed. Focus your firepower to bring them down quickly when spotted. Clever players may find a way to break the mental domination being inflicted on the Junglebeast population and set them loose upon their former controllers.
  • Enemies do not respawn indefinitely. Killing a sufficient number of the enemy will end their reinforcements to a particular area. Focus on particularly troublesome enemies like RPG grunts or HW gunners to remove them from the fight quickly - dedicating a player or two to 'sniper duty' is often helpful in this regard.
  • Plan ahead; once you learn which unlocks are located where, prioritize the items your time finds most important. Split into groups to draw enemy fire while others can reach a critical objective. Canyondoom seems extremely chaotic, but it requires drive and coordination to win. Know what you need to succeed - Batteries, the Gauss gun (primarily as a jumping tool), and Longjump are generally considered to be the 'holy trinity' of Canyondoom, giving players the endurance and speed to survive a run to the final tower.

Additional credits

DeathBog - Basis for JUNGLEBEAST model
Firearms mod team - Trumpet sound, sky textures, and various map textures
Valve - Counter-Strike textures
Warhammer 40k: Rival Species mod team - [SECRET UNLOCK] model




2012 difficulty:hard horde losable size:small

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