Castle Defence





Castle Defence

Author generic
Date of release Final - March 13, 2010
.bsp filename sc_castle


An invasion style map in which you must protect a nuclear warhead.

Your team are charged with protecting a nuclear warhead we have acquired and are storing in a heavily fortified castle that is also part of our intelligence network. Unfortunately a foreign army hell bent on stealing the bomb has discovered your location and are preparing an all-out assault. If they can't take the weapon they will try to destroy it, not only destroying the castle and dealing a major blow against our operations, but it also means you won't get paid. Oh, and you'll be vaporized by the nuclear blast.

Failure is not an option!

Additional info

  • 4-6 players recommended (12 spawnpoints).
  • This map uses detail textures. In order to use them you must have it enabled by setting r_detailtextures to 1. Set it back to 0 to disable.
  • This map was made for the Sven Co-op mapping contest. I originally started it before SC 4.0 came out but progress was very slow. The contest encouraged me to resume working on it.
  • Included in the Sven Co-op Contest Map Pack.

Build info

  • Build time: About 8 months
  • Editors: Valve Hammer Editor 3.5, Wally
  • Compiler: SHLT 3.6
  • Compile time: Approx 5 minutes

Additional credits


detail, pavement, wood - These were obtained from a tutorial on detail textures by hlife_hotdog on TWHL and can be found at this address:

rock - These were obtained from sc_avp.wad created by amckern.

detail2 - This was created by Jinx from the Action Half-Life forums:




2010 co-oprequired contest defense difficulty:hard losable needs-fixing size:small

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