City of the Dead





City of the Dead

Author Searanger, EdisLeado
Date of release Beta - December 6, 2007
.bsp filename cityofthedead_beta


A zombie horde map in a city, similar to Dawn of the Dead Minigame. In this 15 round zombie onslaught, you and your companions must survive and kill all the zombies that spawn (100+ per round). As you complete each round, you get 60 seconds to get to the gun shop, where you can pick up new guns and refill ammo. Once you pick a gun, wait in the shooting range room the 60 seconds are up—and off you'll go into a new round with new/stronger enemies. You only have 10 lives.

Some notable map locations:

  • Gun shop
  • Shooting range
  • Cafe
  • Game shop
  • Hotel
  • Bank
  • Streets

Additional info

  • 4 players recommended.
  • Bug: Some zombies are invisible due to engine limitations. An in-game fix is to free up some entity space by breaking all breakable objects, like the glass windows.

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2007 city community-edit difficulty:hard horde losable scary size:medium zombies

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