City Rush





City Rush

Author Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter
Date of release April 25, 2018
.bsp filename CityRush


CityRush2 coming soon… after i fix this one

Hello and welcome to my first map addition to sven coop community, this map maybe has some bugs or a glitch or 2
but please have some patience in me its my first release.

You and a few survivors of a forgotten land, full of zombies, awfull military forces, and monsters (monsters! monsters! MONSTERS!)
are searching for anything they can use to left behind the death on time more, you and your team
listened a radio signal that spoke about a possible refuge with medical supplies to increase the chance of survive but,
what will be the cost of this suicide mission? Too late for that feeling, because after a brave battle againts
the creatures, you get to the place of the town where the signal came from…

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Additional credits

chronic.wad by evile dick.

dtex_asylum_01.wad by Dethtex.

StLouis.wad by Locknut.

sunnywoods.wad by "unknown" but i give the credits of this one to sven coop map database.

agent zero the koraa hunter (me) texture placement, hint brushes, entity location etc.

TWHL for their wonderfull tutorials and finally
you for testing tis strange map.

Music :
vandenberg_music from DeusEx

KR-HELL from UnreaTournament2004




2018 city horde rmf size:small walkthrough

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