Colony X





Colony X

Author Kami, ported by AdamR
Date of release Revised - 2004?
.bsp filename colonyx_r


Going down for the "Big Sleep" always worries me.
The Cryogenic Technology often fails and kills off entire Crews.
Just the other day Frank arrived with his Crew at D4 and the Security Staff were greeted with a bunch of Ice-Coffins.
Frank was a bastard anyway. Good riddance.

The rest of my Crew don't seem to care as much as I do, unless they're bottling up all the fear for some future shrink to tell them they're childhood was a mess.

Why did I start this ? I guess the idea of exploring new Worlds and making them habitable for future generations excited me.
That was 10 years ago.

At least i'm not on the "Nostromo". Hah. If only something exciting like that would happen to us ! It might relieve the tedium of Colony Maintenance.

[C:7683/300] Signing Off until We reach Colony A32…

Additional info

Originally a custom map for Team Fortress Classic.
Sequel to Planet 3c.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Adam "Adambean" Reece.
Thanks to Captain Scarlet, Gauna, SV_BOY, Stimor, Jangaard, and AleKK for testing the port.



2004 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard jumping losable size:medium survival tfc walkthrough

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