Author eMTeG
Date of release Beta 2 - July 4, 2002
Beta 1 - July 2, 2002
.bsp filename conect


A standard walkthrough map in some kind of lab or facility. This the beta 1 SP test version of a map pack called Conect.

Here is the Story:
Primary objective is to re-establish the Black Mesa Satelite Comlink. To do this u have to get to the surface and fight your way to the transmitter but the way is blocked: to reach the surface you need a bridge but this bridge is momentary "not availiable"… you have to reactivate an generator. This generator has been shout down by the militaries so in most areas of map is only the emergency power active what means there is only a red lightning. The generator is sealed of with grunts and aliens…

Additional info

In this version are some invisible ladders and blocks included, to make this map playable for 1 player. In final version u'll need 2 players to reach some points in the map.

Please check:
-Are there big bugs, wich make this map not playable?
-Are there places where u cant get out?
-Do you think there are to much/to strong or not enougth monsters?
Other notes:
This is the map 1 of 2 or maybe 3 maps. You can't reach the sourface, this map ends when the generator has been activated.
You can finish this map with 1 player! In the first room you can use the railing to jump on the ladder.
The genarator is down -> lifts has to be controlled manualy.
Copie .bsp and .cfg file into maps folder and the 2 sound files into sound/misc

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2002 abandoned black-mesa size:medium walkthrough

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