Cow Tycoon





Cow Tycoon

Author goose
Date of release Final - March 29th, 2023
.bsp filename cow_tycoon


In 199X, a group of unknown individuals assemble a humble farmstead. One month later, a federal investigation is launched into an empty field known only for having become Ground Zero.

Until then, God has become our plaything.


-Hold E to pick things up. This is important.
-Your objective is to make as much money as possible through purchasing and slaughtering cows, then selling their meat to the butcher shop in town. Feeding grain and utilizing processing machines can boost the monetary rewards from these cows. Assemble the skyscraper to finish the game.
-The cows and local fauna can be extremely dangerous. Purchase guns from the gun store to defend yourself and your fellow farmers.
-You can buy wagons and cars to make transporting meat en masse much easier.
-Survival mode is enabled once the game starts. Play smart.

Additional info

-Tread carefully. Reality here often ceases to make sense, and your car will vanish upon hitting a corner too hard. Meat must be held above ground or it may clip into the floor, and sometimes processing can cause it to clip into different dimensions, jittering into the floor and spreading its symptoms upon contact with other meat. GoldSrc is a piece of shit.
-Money is shared between all players. Play on a private server with a coordinated (or not) group of friends. Public servers will become an impossible nightmare.
-Harvesting wheat or taking out a loan are your last resorts if you run out of money.


2023 difficulty:hard featured fun losable ranch size:large survival

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