Cryo City





Cryo City

Author Keen
Date of release Final - February 2, 2016
.bsp filename cryocity4, cryocity5, cryocity7


CryoCity4 (plus cryocity 5 and 7) (+18 because the world is a prude). a working func_vehicle map for sven co-op 5.0 you can use the many func_vehicles in this map to drive around and plow through monsters and friendlys alike. Explore the map, it's towers full of typical soldiers and alien_slaves, as well as the depths of the map with a funky non-functional arcade and many respawning monsters. the monsters do seem to reproduce forever in the underground area, so i set the CFG to only host the map for 30 minutes at time. I have included other versions CryoCity5/6/7 as well, but they seem to crash with increasing frequency, but do include things such as amazing ramps and semi-functional arcade machines. currently you must suicide with K to free yourself from the machine constraints. There are some very, very minor mildly pornographic DRAWN IMAGES on some of the towers in CryoCity4, CryoCity 6 and 7 lack these asthestic buildings but become increasingly crashy.

Main Issues: The maps are a quick hodge-podge func_vehicle and lobby testing map/s cobbled together from other parts, enjoy them for what they are! No proper game_end. in cryocity4 the monsters or players can shoot the map change buttons at spawn and trigger a vote map change. you are only likley to have very few of the maps on the list so it's unlikely to do much unless you have those maps installed on your server/machine.

Additional info

cryocity4 is the most stable version of the map. arcades may not work properly. not sure if i will update this map it was just kind of the first func_vehicle map that I know of, special thanks to nico

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2016 difficulty:hard fun func_vehicle nsfw rubbish series size:large weird

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