Cryo Underground





Cryo Underground

Author CryoKeen
Date Released to SCMDB July 15, 2016
Last Release/Rough Creation Date February 10, 2016
.bsp filename cryo_underground2


  • Original description:

cryo_underground2 - a map very similar to the cryocity4 series, no adult content and only underground with lots of driving paths if you can discover them, some semi-working Snake machine but like before you have to kill yourself to respawn from the Snake Arcade due to bug. otherwise an expansion of the underground facility seen in cryocity4-5-7 with many tiny func_vehicles for you to play with. the spawn rate is reasonable in the "habbitat" underground area with the elevator that spawns grunts near the arcade area, perfect for a lobby map imho. also the pacman machine is broken for some unknown reason maybe another release or w00tguys magic fingers will fix it. he's got a lot on his plate though right now, no rush.

MAIN ISSUES: Map has no ending. Snake broken. Pacman may or may not work. Otherwise a short/medium, fun map.

  • Garompa's edit and fix description:

Walkthrough map with some places to explore. Crash land with your droppod onto Mars, where now space and time are colliding, and try to escape this sector with the help of some cyborgs. Find keycards to unlock the next areas and defeat the martian mole people!

Additional credits

  • nico
  • w00tguy
  • Garompa (Garompa's edit and fix)


Garompa's edit and fix:


2016 community-edit fun func_vehicle size:medium walkthrough

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