The Crystal Mission





The Crystal Mission

Author Neophus
Date of release November 24, 2021
Last update v1.16 - August 28, 2022
.bsp filename crystal_mission_1, crystal_mission_2, crystal_mission_3, crystal_mission_4


Play a new Sven Co-op campaign for svencoop with friends! You are part of a mercenary group send to recover a very important alien crystal, but take care! There are a lot of enemies interested on it too!

It includes 4 maps with custom textures and models. It includes secret areas and easter eggs too so look closely! I recommend to play the campaign with 3/5 players to enjoy better the experience.

This campaign is the first version because I'm going to create 2 new maps in a second version.

I hope you will enjoy this campaign as I enjoyed to created it!

Additional credits

Truck and car model - Gearbox software
Miscroscope model - Pyroxyde
Half-life HD textures - HL Source Enhanced Team
Jp_security.wad - Sven Co-op Jpolito

Special thanks :

To many members from the Sven Co-op discord : Pyroxyde, Loulimi, Joce, Trempler, I_ka, Hezus, Outerbeast, H² and especially Sparks who helped me a lot!

For whose who downloaded an old version (1.11 or older) please delete crystal_mission_1.bsp, crystal_mission_2.bsp, crystal_mission_3.bsp and crystal_mission_4.bsp
Delete cross_paths.wad, halflife_hd.wad and jpsecurity.wad too. Then download the new zip file and replace all the files with the new version


Thanks for downloading!


2021 2022 series size:large walkthrough

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