DAV Train





DAV Train

Author DAVLevels
Original mod release 30 May, 2000
Date of release 27 November, 2020
.bsp filename davtrain1, davtrain2, davtrain3, davtrain4


The SC Team refused the G-man's job offer, and find themselves in a cargo carriage in Black Mesa Materials Transport Sector to be taken to a remote location and have their memories erased.
The team must now arm themselves and fight their way through the facility and face HECU soldiers and otherworldy creatures from another dimension to escape their demise.

The sector is under full lockdown, and the team must first reclaim a stolen keycard to be able to unlock the only exit of the sector, where the rescue vehicle awaits them.
However, the bad guys won't make this task easy, and will do everything in their power to stop the SC Team from escaping…

Will you emerge victorious?

Additional info

This campaign was an old and obscure Half-Life mod made by David Cintrao, and has been converted from decompiles and reworked for Sven Co-op with a lot of changes that hopefully will provide a fun co-op experience. Maps have been merged and a lot of enhancements to the gameplay which include more enemies, more events and secrets to unlock, with a huge boost in difficulty.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion

Special thanks to:-

  • AlexCorruptor - Optimisations, world geometry and texture fixes, quality control, playtesting and general mapping support
  • Gauna - Playtesting

A huge thanks to the Sven Co-op Discord as well for providing continued support with the many issues faced while making this conversion.




2000 2020 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium secrets size:medium traps

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