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Dead Simple Neo


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Author Nih
Date of release v1.0 - December 26, 2008
.bsp filename deadsimpleneo



You wake up in a mysterious room. You have no clue why you are here, but you need to get away from this place. It seems that this is some sort of cruel game that someone has prepared for you.

Basically, the map is your typical run-of-the-mill arena map, but with a twist. You start the map by selecting 4 different gamemodes:

  1. Classic Gamemode: Monsters spawn in waves, and in the end you fight the boss(es).
  2. Capture Pads Gamemode: You must activate 8 beams by moving a barrel into 8 locations around the map. Each time you activate a pad, a new wave spawns.
  3. Protection Gamemode: Same as classic except you have to keep barney alive the whole time.
  4. Gonome Hunter Gamemode: You must kill 20 super gonomes to win. Each time you kill a certain amount of gonomes, a new wave spawns.

There are a total of 7 waves. It has a lot of new 4.0 features, such as bodyguards, weapons, tor, rpg grunts, and various other stuff.

In order to get weapons you have to press buttons that bring down platforms in the middle, but once you've done that you also allow respawning enemy medics access to the battlefield, so you have to weigh your choices carefully, and you might want to consider bringing the platforms up once you've got the guns. Once you get access to the outside area, you can pretty much ignore those weapons though.

You can activate some friendly barnies by pressing two buttons in the outside area simultaneously.

Additional info

  • Based on a Doom 2 map.
  • Made during internal beta testing of SC 4.0 and released 2 days after 4.0's release.

Additional credits

ID Software - (Making Doom 2)




2008 defense difficulty:hard horde losable size:small

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