Dead Zone





Dead Zone

Author goanna
Date of release Final - 2007
Dead Zone 4 - September 8, 2005
Dead Zone 3 - January 16, 2005
Dead Zone 2 - September 17, 2004
Dead Zone 1 - 2004
.bsp filename sc_dead_zone, sc_dead_zone2, sc_dead_zone3_final, sc_dead_zone4_final sc_dead_zone4-2_final



1-Infultrate the secret base.
2-Destroy the monster cloning machine.

Activate first power button to activate red button to open passage.
Activate red button in defence wall to activate teleporter.
Activate second power button, in lower level, to activate distruct button.
Kill hezus zombie soldier to destroy fence blocking exit route.
Activate red button in lower level to turn on garg teleport system.

Our government, in their pursuit of the ultimate
weapon of war, have built a machine for cloning monsters,
specifically the babygarg. The facility is heavly guarded
and protected by traps. This machine must be shut down.
Watch your step!


1-Detroy all opposition.
2-Stop the shipping of cloned monsters.


Find key cards to advance to each section.
Give babygarg scientists to play with.
Blow open wall with expolsives.
Find the exit out of the facility.

Housing and shipping for cloned monsters are in this facility.
They are shipping the cloned monsters to form an army.
Destroy all opposition and stop future shipments.


-Save the last two babygargs in existance.-


1-Detroy all opposition on your way to the research lab.
2-Stop the construction of the new research lab.
3-Explosives have been set up near a wall in the research lab to gain entry into
the pens housing the babygargs. The door to the detonator is locked. A scientist
will open the door for allies.
3-Save the last two babygargs.

You will be able to clone one babygarg in the control room that will help you against
the troops guarding the train elevator down to the next area.


1-Infultrate the secret base.
2-Kill everyone in the facility.
3-Find entrance to lower level labs.
4-Rescue shocktroopers.

Mission brief:
You will be met with tough resistance. The base is heavily guarded by
Apache helicopters. Xen is sending in troops to save the shocktroopers
with the intent of creating an ally against the army of zombie grunts, but to
no avail. Instead of creating an ally they find themselves fighting more
than just the grunts. Once you have cleared this section of the facility
procede on to the lower levels where the shocktroopers
are being held. The shocktroopers are in poor health therefore they
won't be much help. Once released they will aid you against the enemy
the best they can.


1-You will have to find the junction box and destroy it to open main gate.
2-Someone will have to summon the enemy Apache with the distress button.
(The Apache must be summoned and destroyed in order to advance.)
3-Find a way to the lower level.
4-You will need to find security cards to open locked doors.
5-Again, kill everyone in facility.
6-In this episode you will need to find the mastermind behind the cloning
machine and destroy him. Our intelligence sources tell us he has a small
bunker-like room he may retreat to.

Mission brief:
It seems the cloning machine has advanced. They are now transforming captured
Xen creatures and our security personnel into troops. The proccess isn't working
perfectly however and is producing zombie-like-grunts. There is also a report that
some of Black Mesa's security force is still alive and imprizoned. Try to rescue these
guards they may be able to help, if they aren't too far gone. The scientists
will try to kill anyone captured if the facility falls under attack, so be cautious.
There have also been reports that the mastermind scientist turned his machine on
himself, with equally disgusting results. There are many "failed transformations"
held in cages. These creatures are very powerful and extremely dangerous so watch
yourselves. Good luck!

Additional info


Additional credits

sc_dead_zone,2,3,4 Released-

Map author:----goanna

Texture credits:

## sc_avp.wad----by Amckern
## Half-life.wad
--—-by Valve

Tutorial credits:

## Hezus mapping
## 69th Vlatitude
## Valve-ERC
## HalfLifeMapping

I realize tutorial credits aren't usually included
but I felt these sites were intrumental in the completion
of my first and future maps and deserve an honarable mention.




2004 2005 2007 series size:large walkthrough

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