Deathroll Puzzle





Deathroll Puzzle

Author zaid AL-hajaya(zaid_HG)
Date of release June 15, 2016
.bsp filename dead


You are dropped in a dark room blackout and waken up to find yourself in that room and when you get out you find yourself in a maze full of easy yet dangerous questions and puzzles you have to solve to advance. A narrator or "writer" will give you advice that you have to keep in mind in order to solve the game. You may find old friends in your way that you can (but not forced to) save or free them. Use your brain more than your guns in order to solve it. To get out of this rat hole and enjoy while doing that it's recommended for 1-3 players.

Additional info

  • If you try to climb over the walls you will be instantly killed.
  • You may find secret items during game play. So keep an eye open for goodies.
  • At start you will find a button to start the game and a texture tells you to go back it is written in Arabic.

Additional credits

some of half-life 2 sounds
some creepy sounds from the internet
some of children of bodom songs (cancelled because of copyright)
stadium3 lights toggle sound
a half life mod called zombie edition sounds
everybody i forgot to mention




2016 escape maze scary size:medium walkthrough

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