Defend Base 3





Defend Base 3

Author Angel
Date of release V1 - 01/03/2023
.bsp filename sc_defend_base3a_en


Events before the Black Mesa incident, we are in base 3, for some strange reason government military unexpectedly arrived and started shooting everyone who is in this base, Dr.Wires is the only survivor so our mission is to rescue him. With that we will obtain information about what happened.

Spoiler: At the beginning of the Black Mesa incident, the portal intercommunicates with base 3, so Sergeant Freed must inform the military of what happened and change his position, preventing the same thing as Black Mesa from happening.

Additional info

  • Map is for exactly 2 players.
  • This is the full version part 1 "a".

NOTE: Some models/sounds are modifications, I got them somewhere, I don't remember the exact location, but if I remember I'll add them in the credits.

NOTE 2: Survival mode is active, delete the following line to disable survival mode — map_script survival_generic — in sc_defend_base3a_en.cfg

Additional credits

  • Dr-ninjablack
  • Tomas [SC]
  • Draco [SC]
  • Littlemonster
  • Selee s2´
  • Mata
  • Garompa (Translation English & Fix files structure)
  • Vaelastrasz (Video)


Original (english translation)



2023 defense fun size:large survival

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