Delta Research Facility





Delta Research Facility

Author The-Real-Game (Gareth P)
Date of release Final - September 15, 2002
.bsp filename deltaR


Delta Research Facility By The-Real-Game

Gman: Greetings Gentlemen, you will now find yourself located at the Delta Research Facility. The Delta Research Facility has been one of my biggest competitors for a long time now. However after I found out they had spies in my company I decided to take action. However the previous team I sent in were ill prepared and never returned.

I however have more faith in you, I must warn you the creatures are much stronger than we first thought. Intense research has lead to improvement of the creatures strength and stamina. Meaning they pose a significant threat to you and my companies future.

You have been hired because, as you are former Black Mesa employees I believe you will have much more experience with these creatures, in light of this I know you will stand a better chance against them.

Firstly you must get into the facility, I believe there is an entrance up ahead. Secondly one in the base you must make sure the facility won't be doing any research for along time, destroy the main equipment and eliminate all employees and creatures. Lastly I will need to obtain the precious data they are holding, use their satellite to transmit it to me.

If you are successful you will receive your payment and be offered a full contract with my company. That is all….

Additional info

Delta Research Facility (deltaR)


By Gareth P (The-Real-Game)
Compile Time : 50 Minutes *Hugs Pc* :D

1. Unzip to your Half-Life folder
2. Type Map deltar in your svencoop console

You may not in ANYWAY alter or use this map as a base for any other maps.
This map is the sole property of me!
This map must not be distributed for money or trade.
You may however freely distribute this map in it's current form.

Additional credits

A Very, Very, Very big thanks to DAN200 for helping me test this map(many times!), to get rid of bugs and improving storyline.

A Very, Very, Very big thanks to Dudda for helping me test this map(many times!), to get rid of bugs, for letting me use his server and for use of his apc prefab.

Check out Duddas And DAN200s Maps @

Thanks to Mad Jonesy, BMTwigzta, Mutant, (GIT)R-Man and all others who supported me and posted feedback =)

xKinetiCx for the HMMWV prefab. ten.dirgeht|xcitenikx#ten.dirgeht|xcitenikx

Thanks to forum goers who posted feedback!

And thanks to the Whole Sven Team for the best Half Life Mod Ever!




2002 size:large walkthrough

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