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Author RNG
Date of release Beta v3 - May 11, 2014
Beta v2 - March 24, 2014
.bsp filename deluge_beta_v3


Swampy substances on concrete foundations

Additional credits

Streamfox - Additional mapping (on versions prior v4)
D.G.F. and Sence - Helping with models

Full credits and info are in the MOTD file

Version 3 issues (or features):

-Being a beta, also being squeezed into 4.8. the design is weird and gameplay kinda sucks and is unbalanced
-Second half of the map is pretty redundant due to said 4.8 limits
-Barney NPCs have the helmet hitbox forgotten in them, so theyre kinda frustrating to kill
-Bossbattles are rather dumb

Additional goofy storyline

This strange swampy substance spread everywhere, making everyone go insane and circling between realities in obscure manner.
Nothing obviously made sense anymore and the swampy substance was forgotten as it is. Entirely new species appeared and
none gave a flying turd of them. Your face is distorted from swampy vapors and your hands grow fungus as thought to yourself:
"Am i still on earth, or some other planet? I dont know anymore, but fuck whatever"

Your small gang of swamped and deteriorated people had a brilliant idea, to start figuring out
what the hell is causing the swamped substances in first place, that was the most sane thought anyone had for long time.
Armed with your makeshift weapons just in case. You then stumble into some odd looking scifi-ish area.
Different colored doors, deadly traps, monsters, keycards. "Oh hold on" you say to yourself.

*Imagine some dumb b-movie one-liner here or something*


2014 boms difficulty:hard losable secrets size:medium walkthrough

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