Destination: Black Mesa





Destination: Black Mesa

Authors Legs, Sir-Tuc, Pelot
Original Mod Release July 17, 2005
Date of release September 20, 2019
.bsp filename dbm_1 (+17 others)


During the resonance cascade incident, a group of remaining Black Mesa scientists has been extracted by a secret paramilitary force: Sven Co-op. Their most elite team has been dispatched back into Black Mesa alongside a rescue team to find and extract Dr. Arne Magnusson.

Additional info

This is a heavily ripented and fixed version of the original mod found here:
(If you want to modify this ripent so it is played exactly like the mod, you are free to upload your version as the Original and rename mine as Garompa's edit)

Important notes:

  • Some maps require co-operation and need 2 players at least
  • Some maps may be hard even with the high amount of weapons given, be sure to get more than 2 players! (difficulty requires more testing)

Known bugs:

  • dbm_8: players are able to go out of bounds if a human ladder is made, but does not break gameplay
  • dbm_13: a door may sometimes open the opposite way. This is random and seems to be a map bug

Additional credits

  • Garompa (conversion)
  • Outerbeast (testing)
  • incognico (live server testing)
  • Scr34mik (bug spotting!)



2005 2019 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion series size:large traps walkthrough

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