Disco Party





Disco Party

Author Blueblade
Date of release April 8, 2004
.bsp filename discoparty1


This is a singleplayer level in which the inhabitants of the Black Mesa Research Facility have come to take a break from running around killing each other. There's a disco ball with a DeathStar-style laser that shoots around the room, strobe lights, and a punch table with a drunken scientist lying on top. Once you're bored with the party room, there is a standoff between marines and aliens waiting beyond the second hallway. Don't forget to go by the security guard; he can give you a revolver.

Here are some quick notes about the level:

  • The security guard near the door you walk in is the first victim of the laser, so be careful around there. I had wanted the laser to travel around the room without causing any injuries, but when I tested the level, I noticed that it actually took out the dancing security guard, a couple of scientists, and eventually a marine. LOL! The laser's set for 1000 damage points per second, also, so when it hits, the people explode.
  • If you have the urge to whack or shoot the punch bowl, wait until you're finished playing through the level. That's a quick way to end it. Whatever they put in that punch … Lol.
  • The drink machine at the end of the second hall is based on the one from the Vending Machine Tutorial by Vassy. All I did was change the texture.

Additional info

URL: http://twhl.info/vault.php?map=1004

Additional credits

Compiled and slightly adjusted for Sven Co-op by animaliZed



2004 conversion fun size:small

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