Disintegration of Time





Disintegration of Time

Author RNG
Date of release First Beta - April 18, 2018
.bsp filename dis_beta


Original core concept of this map was about redoing single rooms from mostly other peoples old maps and fusing them in, all just from couple of in-game screenshots.
The map has expanded alot from since that idea.

Gameplay is similar to IO and Deluge

Designed for 1-4 players, thus can be completed co-op or solo


Presence of time has diminished in this certain part of this apocalyptic realm.
History and future have fused together, obliterating existence and knowledge of present time.
Ancient and modern technology and architecture stack upon eachother.

When it comes to you, its hard to be a scavenger for goods in this confusing ridiculous environment.
However out of odd coincidence, you accompany the most unlikely and ludicrous dream-team from different timelines to wreck shit.

You begin to notice that some type of interdimensional breach has occurred aswell.
Familiar species of creatures, and vengeful enemies from all the moons you have done your contracts (mostly wreaking havoc) have started to show around, only this time more stronger and lustier.

First Beta bugs (and features)

  • I ran into limits (nuff said). Couple of areas and secrets are pretty much unfinished, unless they consist of previously done mapping, thus might be way easier than they ever were planned to be.
  • Ran into allocblock before i wanted to implement the many additional rooms and ideas i planned. Or technically i didnt run into any limit, but rooms started to bug out horribly with missing faces which made zero sense regarding i wasnt hitting any limit.
  • I resulted in splitting the map into 2 parts, but for now i left that second part off, because it was still in heavy alpha state. (Will of course never finish)
  • The map uses weapon_custom by w00tguy, it is really cool except might be unstable. If the map decides to crash out of random, this is most likely the reason. I havent had chance for map specific weapon scripts yet. Weapons are mostly pretty hastily done and sure not final
  • After this map started to take longer and longer (Started this near end of 2017). Many serious ideas inavoidably started to end up in trashbin, and lots of goofy shit and dry humor started to sneak in this beta.
  • That "golden middle road" regarding Sven Co-op and combat gameplay, is next to impossible to achieve. Map might be too 'easy', or too 'hard', anywho unbalanced it continues to be for now. Didnt name this beta just for shits lol
  • Some sound, model and sprite replacement lacking, and odd content naming.
  • Only one monster type has custom sounds

Additional credits

All mappers of the original areas which are referenced are credited in the map itself in a special way. (Find the secrets sssh)

  • w00tguy - weapon_custom script and troubleshooting
  • Garompa - Big Sven Co-op community NPC pack where some monsters are edited from. (rmk_rng, rmk_medic and rmk_doc)
  • Testing: Streamfox, MirroR, Zode, Colt, sprt, Trempler, Sence, w00tguy, Windawz, greenchocolate and some invited, and uninvited quests.

Full credits in the MOTD

Additional info and trivia

  • Map originally called Remake
  • The map also includes areas cut from IO and Deluge. Some mapping straight out of UNI2 included aswell, not much on big role in this version though.
  • Includes a set of playermodels
  • The 'Remake logos' originate from long-dead Deathmatch Classic project for Sven, meant as team deathmatch logos. They are drawn out of murals from couple of DMC textures, with some slight modifications.
  • Character names are coincidential (no shit), and mostly cheaply derived from Half-life and Sven Co-op
  • Picture on Gordon's shirt is the logo of my 'dark ambient' project Garden of Myxini
  • Compile time: Around 5 minutes



2018 secrets size:medium walkthrough

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