Duke Nukem 3D - Episode 1 - L.A. Meltdown





Duke Nukem 3D - Episode 1 - L.A. Meltdown

Author Dr. Varhansen
Date of release December 18, 2022
Last Updated JANUARY 23, 2024
.bsp filename dn3d1, dn3d2, dn3d3, dn3d3_sub, dn3d4_1, dn3d4_2, dn3d4_3, dn3d5, dn3d5_2, dn3d6, dn3d7, dn3d8


A rework of Duke Nukem 3D for Sven Co-op.
8 Levels. 23+ Babes to rescue. Hundreds of ALIEN SCUM to eliminate.
Custom Weapons from beloved Duke3D including Chaingun Ripper, RPG, Devastator, Freeze Ray, Duke's pistol & shotgun, & a Laser pistol.
Collect keycards to open doors and rescue our women from the ALIEN SCUM!!!
Designed for 1~2 players difficulty-wise. Gameplay is 3-6 hours depending on your skill
-Current Version has first 3 levels of Episode 2 included

Additional info

Maps included (Current Version: 1.1)
dn3d1: Hollywood Holocaust
dn3d2: Red Light District
dn3d3: Death Row
dn3d4_1: Toxic Dump 1
dn3d4_2: Toxic Dump 2
dn3d4_3: Toxic Dump 3
dn3d5: The Abyss 1
dn3d5_2: The Abyss 2
dn3d6: Spaceport
dn3d7: Incubator
dn3d8: Warp Factor

For now (2024) I'll be taking a break from updating this until I can find people to collaborate with.

Additional credits

message me on Steam @ Dr. Varhansen
OpenMaw Productions (Duke Nukem Cataclysm cancelled GoldSrc Duke Mod)
The Half-Nuked Team
w00tguy's custom weapons scripts


-Added new custom weapons using w00tguy's weapon_custom scripting pack (the weapons should work, they work on my PC. I hope i packed them correctly.)
-3 New maps, the first 3 levels of Episode 2.
-Rebalanced all maps

Original Repacked:



2022 3d arcade city difficulty:easy needs-fixing nsfw recreation size:large

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