Author Chudej
Date of release v3 - March 5, 2011
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Contact: PM me on SvenCoop forums or send mail to: <check motd>

I'll be grateful for any feedback and/or mapping tips you can give me.

===== THE STORY ====

You are a part of a group of mercs. You were hired by an anonymous employer, identifying himself as the CEO of an organization specializing in weapons development named X. The Man, as he called himself, provided you with a detailed plan of an operation, and offered a high price - as long as you do the job right and don't ask too many questions. Lately, there weren't much business opportunities around, so you decided to take the assignment.

Your mission seemed simple on the paper: infiltrate the facility of The Y corporation and retrieve a disc containing the data desired by your employer. Unfortunately for you though, the intel spoke of heavy-duty security inside the compound, probably due to a similar attempt of theft not long ago.

Once your team had sneaked inside, after many long hours of bypassing the complicated security protocols and disabling some of the guards, you have successfully retrieved the data. The mission was almost over, when suddenly something triggered the alarm. It wasn't any of your teammates, but you were in great danger of becoming exposed to the enemy. Some of you managed to squeeze into some tight hiding spots at the expense of getting rid of all your equipment, but the rest wasn't so lucky. They were caught and executed. Soon after that, you've heard a loud explosion. It was like someone dropped an A-bomb on the site. Whatever it was, you knew one thing - you're not going to get out of this alive unless you find a way out.

It soon became clear. There were other intruders than just your team. Except, they were not human. The plan The Man came up with didn't mention aliens, so you weren't even prepared to fight them. Your only chance was evasion - going back inside one of the bunkers, securing the door behind you, and hoping to find some way back to the surface, that doesn't lead straight up to the battlefield above.

Additional info

This is my first map and it's work in progress. There's a really a lot to do, I have a lot of ideas but sometimes I lack the motivation, skill or time. New versions might be released even a few months after the previous ones.

- that crappy wooden box near the duct is there just to enable 1 man completing the map. In the final version it will be removed
- keep an eye out for hidden switches; some objects may be breakable for a reason too :P

Additional credits


Garompa's edit and fix:

Shinkichi's edit and fix:



2011 abandoned community-edit size:medium walkthrough

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